Lunch in Newcastle for £5 or less

Em Richardson gives us some tips on where to lunch for less than £5

Em Richardson
25th November 2019
image: Yu Hosoi (unsplash)
Let’s be honest, when you’re faced with a week of essays, exams and 9AM lectures, it’s easy to fall into the habit of buying a quick lunch in town, rather than packing something at home.

The trouble is, this isn’t always student budget friendly. So, here’s a run-down of some of the best options for lunch in the Toon, all of which cost £5 or less:

  1. Left-overs

This is arguably a cheaper and easier alternative to a packed lunch. Instead of spending money buying sandwich ingredients, and spending time putting together a lunch each morning, just make a little bit extra each time you cook. Dishes like curries, pastas and salads still taste great the next day, even when eaten cold, and are easy to make in large batches. If you don’t enjoy cooking, you can simply stop binning leftovers from take-aways- who doesn’t love cold pizza? As an added bonus, producing less food-waste is good for the environment, as is the fact this lunch can simply be packed in Tupperware, meaning it’s totally free of harmful plastic packaging.

  • Nudo Sushi Box

If you want a lunch that’s a little more exciting than sandwiches and a packet of crisps, but doesn’t break the bank, then pop into Nudo. There are several stores in Newcastle, all with several great options for a cheap, easy lunch. My personal favourites are the Spicy Konjac Salad (suitable for vegans!), and the ‘Mid Box’ sushi selection. Nudo is definitely proof that good sushi doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Co-Op

The Co-Op on campus sells an impressive array of products, and much more than just the usual meal deal staples. Check out their hot counter, or their impressive selection of sushi, for a cheap, but tasty, lunch. Best of all is the fact you won’t even have to leave campus.

  • Eat 4 Less

I’ve always felt that people scoff at Eat 4 Less, quite unfairly. Sure, they sell a lot of greasy, fast food, and their name doesn’t exactly conjure up images of fine dining, but some of their options are genuinely tasty. They do a great selection of sandwiches and paninis, and their jacket potatoes come with some delicious fillings.

  • Grainger Market

It’s a little bit of a walk from campus, but I promise the trip to Grainger Market is well worth it. The colourful, vibrant stalls offer all kinds of cuisine, from Greek, to traditional English ‘pub grub’, to authentic Chinese dumplings. This amazing array of food costs next to nothing and, best of all, buying it supports various local businesses. So, next time you find yourself at a loose end between lectures, why not take a walk across town, and see what the market has to offer?

Bon appetit- here’s to good food that doesn’t have to break the bank.

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