Maggie Lindemann: The "evolving sultry pop" behind 'Pretty Girl' and touring with The Vamps

Up-and-coming popstar Maggie Lindemann speaks to The Courier Music ahead of joining The Vamps on the Day and Night Arena Tour.

Toby Bryant
7th April 2018
Image: Pomona UK

Whether you are familiar with the name Maggie Lindemann or not, there is no question that you will have heard the 19-year-old’s voice somewhere over the past year.

Ever since Cheat Codes, the tropical trio behind hits including ‘No Promises’ and ‘Sex’, got their hands on Lindermann’s single ‘Pretty Girl’, she was catapulted into a world of opportunities. As that remix, certified platinum in the United Kingdom, creeps towards 400 million Spotify streams, Lindermann talks to The Courier ahead of touring with The Vamps.

“I’m very grateful for the success of ‘Pretty Girl’, it’s kind of unreal still to me. It gives me that push to do better, so that I can continue to have success and it not just end with ‘Pretty Girl’.”

[pullquote]To mark the Texas-born teen down as a one-hit wonder would be foolish.[/pullquote]

Indeed, to mark the Texas-born teen down as a one-hit wonder would be foolish. She describes herself as an “evolving sultry pop artist” and certainly knows when an opportunity presents itself. When The Vamps came knocking in search of a collaboration on their hit ‘Personal’, Lindemann again stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

“I was actually in Europe for a few shows I was doing when I found out about a possible collaboration with them [The Vamps]. I love The Vamps so right away I was super hyped. Once we got back to LA we recorded the song and it was a perfect fit. So from there I flew back out to London and we shot the video. It’s a great song, I’m so glad I could be a part of it.”

It’s another collaboration that is giving Lindemann the platform she has been working towards. Performances alongside The Vamps on BBC Children in Need, as well as at Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2017, preceded the announcement that the popstar would be heading on the road alongside the band.

personal music video out now?? @thevamps

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“I’m so beyond excited and grateful that The Vamps decided to bring me with them. It’s going to be my first tour ever so I’m really looking forward to it.”

The Night and Day Arena Tour will see The Vamps and Lindemann play 13 UK dates including the London O2 Arena on Saturday 28th April and Newcastle’s very own Metro Radio Arena on Friday 20th April. When asked about any previous encounters with the wild Geordie crowd Lindemann admitted to never having experienced the city but has high hopes nonetheless.

“I’m ready for it - I hope the crowd is as wild as they can be! The more hyped they are, the more hyped it makes the artists, so get ready to be wild!”

The ‘Pretty Girl’-singer is one of a few young faces who are taking the pop industry by storm. Alongside Lindemann on the tour will be support acts Jacob Sartorious and Hrvy, who have enjoyed unprecedented success through social media themselves.

[pullquote]"I love how social media is such a big outlet for musicians now, so many talented kids getting the recognition they deserve."[/pullquote]

“They’re so talented and have accomplished so much and have already been touring. It’ll be cool to see that and learn some things from them.”

“Times are changing and people’s music tastes are changing. The new wave of music amazes me, these people are bringing new music genres to light and I’m so for it. I love how social media is such a big outlet for musicians now, so many talented kids getting the recognition they deserve.”

Looking forward, past The Vamps’ tour, there’s a lot on the horizon for Lindemann. Her latest single ‘Obsessed’ is another upbeat track that is going down well with fans but she has a lot more up her sleeve.

“It’s definitely been the vibe [upbeat music] but I’m trying to go a different direction with the new stuff. I love the upbeat, bubbly vibe but I also love darker sounds. So right now I’m just experimenting with different sounds and it’s been really nice. I’m very excited to share it all.”

Be sure to catch Maggie Lindemann alongside The Vamps at the Metro Radio Arena on April 20th.

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