Make sure there are no people or objects around you, as we preview Nintendo Switch Sports

The 'Nintendo Switch Sports' Trailer Brings Back a Fan Favourite Game.

Kefan Chen
23rd March 2022
Nintendo is releasing a sequel to Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, a long-awaited sequel to one of the Wii's biggest successes. On the new system, it will be known as Nintendo Switch Sports and will include both old and new favourites as announced at the latest Nintendo Direct.

Sports like soccer, badminton, and volleyball have been added to the game's already extensive list of options. Chambara, Wii Sports Resort's swordplay, makes a reappearance as well. It's likely that the second update, due out in the spring or fall, will add golf. The announcement video also hints that gamers will be able to use a new, more fashionable Mii. 

Soccer (or as we call it, football) is a new addition to the franchise, and future updates will allow players to kick in real life to kick the ball in-game. (Image: Nintendo)

In order to control the various sports equipment, players will move their joycons with their wrists. As with the original Nintendo Switch, the joy-cons will be used to allow up to four people to play at once. Those who buy the game in physical form will be able to use the leg strap attachment, that allows them to play soccer in a shootout mode by making kicking motions, with a future update enabling this feature for all soccer modes. This leg strap accessory was formerly available to Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure owners who purchased a physical edition. 

When playing with numerous people at the same time on a single Nintendo Switch, the game's trailer shows that it will allow for local play. Anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be able to join the fun and challenge their friends in all sports. Players will also be able to take on random opponents in the game. Increasingly challenging opponents await them as their stats grow. 

Nintendo Switch Sports will be available on the 29th April 2022.

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