Makeup: is it art?

Daniela Vasilache argues the case for makeup

Daniela Vasilache
26th October 2020
If it is generally accepted that drawing and painting are forms of art, then why make-up should not be? Painters and drawers have the ability to make people “see” new things and feel an amalgam of sentiments, but so do make-up ARTISTS.

Make-up artists help people discover who they are, who they can be or who they wish to be. Because make-up, just like any art form, can reflect reality in all its complexity or create an imaginary world, open to countless possibilities. 

Furthermore, resemblances between these practices are easily spotted. Let’s take a look at the tools first. Just like a painter uses brushes and palettes and a sketch artist- crayons, make-up artists use a combination of all these instruments.

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Credit: Valeriya Kutsan

Similar patterns can be identified between the techniques used by painters and make-up artists: they create lines in order to accentuate or diminish different features, play with lighting and contouring and combine colours in a harmonious way, making sure they complement the person’s skin tone, eyes and hair colour.

Lastly, we should not overlook the incredible face paintings that truly bring to light the talent of a make-up artist. Like in any art, imagination, creativity and passion are the keys to some astonishing results. Examples of face art are: two faces illusion, skin rupture, pop art effect, 3D effect, broken mirror etc. There are numerous occasions where this kind of make-up are requested: Halloween, cosplays, theatre, film, kids parties, thematic events, music videos.

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”

Edgar Degas

Make-up is art and it ought to be recognized as such. It enhances beauty and captures the vision of a person, presenting it to the rest of the world. Everyone can be an artist in this domain with some creativity and dedication.

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