Make-Up Trends to Leave in 2017

Laura Bolden talks about this year's weirdest beauty trends and gives us her opinion.

Laura Bolden
6th November 2017
Image Credit: @xoeygram (Instagram)

Long gone is the year of the beauty challenge. In 2016 our feeds were filled with everything from the Kylie lip challenge to the insane 100 coats challenge. This year is all about the weird, with trends such as wavy brows and nose hair extensions becoming more and more popular. To be honest I would rather see someone cake on a hundred layers of foundation than stick fake eyelashes up their nose, but each to their own I suppose.

The trend making waves this month is the wavy eyebrow. Just when we’re recovering from the strangely popular phase of feathered and plaited brows influencers began spreading the new, even weirder craze. The trend involves using glue, or concealer, to hide sections of the natural brow while eyebrow products are used to draw waves across the eyebrow. The results are…different. Of course, it was first seen on Instagram, a site that is the holy grail for us beauty lovers. In August, popular YouTuber @promisetamang posted the picture of her supporting the wavy eyebrow trend and many believe she was the one to single handily inspire hundreds of others to share their own attempts.

New Brow trend??? When you're tired of being basic. Somebody dare me to go out like this ? @melovemealot vibezz

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It is becoming increasingly harder to tell what is real and what is a joke in the world of online beauty. Everyday beauty is incorporating more tips and tricks than ever, meaning what some consider a joke is something another is using as a real beauty hack. Last week, one blogger went viral after cutting up, yes cutting up, a brand-new pair of Louboutin’s to use as a make shift beauty blender. Because you know, £5 for a blending sponge just seems like an un-necessary spend when you have stuff like designer high heels lying around waiting to be destroyed.

One trend that has shocked even the most cynical social media user is nose hair extensions in which people take a pair of strip eyelash extensions, curve them into a circle and secure them up the nostril. Yes, it does look as ridiculous as it sounds. From fluttering lashes to party lashes with diamond embellishment, there are many different styles being used. It’s very much a case of the weirder the better.

Image Credit: @glowmakeupacademy (Instagram)

Image Credit: @glowmakeupacademy (Instagram)

Even though I am not a fan of the latest trends, I think it is important that influencers are constantly challenging our conception of ‘normal’ make-up by pushing the boundaries. I mean contouring was an online trend before it became a vital tool in our ever-growing beauty bag. Whether it is the return of long curling nail extensions, over-plucked thin eyebrows or something as crazy as a completely highlighted face I can’t wait to see what we will all be discussing this time next year.

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