Makin' Bakin' Pancakes

3 ingredient banana pancakes? Rebecca Jayne Doneghan has her tips on how to make these delicious treats and what to put them with... what are you waiting for?!

8th May 2017

It is clear that gorgeous supermodel Karlie Kloss is not just a pretty face – she’s intelligent, a businesswoman, and who knew, also a top baker! She regularly posts tasty baking tutorials on YouTube, and the one that has become my favourite; three ingredient banana pancakes. I make them regularly, and felt it was only fair to share the recipe with the rest of the world, especially students on a budget with minimal time to cook. They’ve have allowed me to procrastinate during times of high stress, and have saved me from hangovers. It’s the food equivalent to a Buzzfeed quiz, but you actually get a meal out of it – what’s not to love?! Perfect for students! All you need is one egg, one banana, and one handful of oats, which I’m sure everyone can afford.


First, use a fork to mash up the banana in a large bowl. Then, beat the egg in a separate bowl using a fork or whisk, then add the egg to the banana. Whisk together. Next, add the handful of oats (I use porridge oats) to the egg and banana, and again, whisk together until all of the ingredients are mixed well. I have a small obsession with cinnamon, so often add a few shakes of it into the mixture too.

Next, warm a frying pan on the hob. I usually add coconut oil to cook the pancakes in, but I’m sure oil or one-calorie spray (or something similar) will do the same job just fine. Once the pan is hot and the oil (or alternative) has melted, use a tablespoon to place the mixture onto it. I tend to make each pancake with two tablespoons of mixture, and can normally fit two into the pan to cook at once. Keep the heat lower once the mixture is in the pan, as this seems to cook the pancakes better, in my experience. Each side should only take a few minutes. Flip with a spatula when each side is done, and once you think it is cooked through, transfer to plate and pile high.

“They have allowed me to procrastinate during times of high stress, and have saved me from hangovers”

What to eat with them

In terms of what to have with this glorious food, fruit is best, in my opinion. Pile on the strawberries, grapes, orange segments, apple slices; whatever your heart or hangover desires! Cinnamon often tops my pancakes as well as being used in the mixture, but nutmeg works too. I highly recommend also something of the syrupy kind, like honey or maple syrup, to finish them off with an extra taste of sweetness. Pancake Day was a wonderful day this year; I managed to make homemade cinder toffee, not to brag, to add to the fresh strawberries and lemon infused honey that covered my delicious pile of pancakes. I haven’t yet attempted to match any savoury flavours with this recipe, but if anyone achieves any savoury deliciousness, get in touch and let me know! I’d love to give any ideas a try.

“Something finish them off with an extra taste of sweetness”

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