Making University Halls Feel More Like Home

Emily Wilkinson was a fresher once too, and she shares with us her top tips on how to make your 'bland new' University halls more like home.

2nd October 2017

There’s no stranger feeling than the first few nights in halls, in a bed that’s now supposedly ‘yours’ (especially if you’re in one of those rooms with a sink in the corner- not exactly homely in a sense that we’re used to prior to uni!).

I was a little fresher two years ago now, and decided to consult with a few current freshers on what they have done to make their flat feel like home - unsurprisingly there was a unanimous response of “I don’t know, fairy lights and stuff”.

Although I agree, fairy lights are the best, surely there’s a little more we can do to really put our stamp on our flats to really make halls feel like home.

There’s that little famous saying that goes “home is where the heart is”. From personal experience, this couldn’t be more true. The company, regardless of if it is friends or family, is what makes you feel comfortable and want to spend time in a place.

Make good use of your doorstop and try to spend as much time in the communal area as you would in your living room at “home” home. Make as much effort to bond with your flat as you can; even if they’re a bit different to you, uni is all about meeting new people.

Covering the walls in embarrassing pictures and quotes of/from your flatmates is great way to fill your little home with memories.

To make "home" feel like home, it's good to look at places we relate to feeling really homely, like our grandparents houses. Grandparents all have one thing in common; a never-ending supply of coffee and tea, cute mugs and a cheeky biscuit or two.

Tried and tested throughout the generations, a warm drink and a good natter after a long day is always an appreciated staple of the average British home.

But then how do you make your halls feel like a home in those hours when your flatmates are out? If you’re anything like me and hate silence, enjoy a little alone time with a playlist of all your favourite songs and sing your heart out like Beyoncé- perhaps do a spot of cleaning, as there’s nothing worse than trying to cook/chill in a kitchen with surfaces covered in mouldy plates.

Also use this time to decorate your room and really make it feel like your space. Despite everything your accommodation tells, you, blue tac (or white tac if you want to be on the safe side) is the best invention ever.

Uni bedrooms are famously sterile, bland looking places- spice up those white walls with as much clutter as you can; all personal things, like pictures of family and friends, and posters of your favourite bands.

Man holding many tea and coffee cups

Don’t worry so much about making your room insta worthy- yes fairy lights are great, but get some bed sheets in your favourite colour, and loads of cute pillows and throws to really make your room a cosy place to spend those hungover mornings and late evenings hiding away from deadlines. Although you wouldn’t think it, Primark is a lifesaver for cheap cute things, particularly around Christmas and Halloween.

My family are Christmas mad, and so one of my favourite memories of uni was a night of Christmas films and songs, making our flat into our very own little winter wonderland.

Despite the cheapy baubles and tinsel, our flat looked so cute, and this was such a nice way to really make our halls feel like a home.

The longer you stay there, I promise it will feel like yours, bare with it!


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