Male Suicide Prevention Centre opens Third Branch in Newcastle

Male Suicide Prevention Centre opens new branch on Summerhill Street

Cory Gourley
19th February 2024
Male Suicide Prevention Centre opens new branch on Summerhill Street

The Centre is set up in memory of Newcastle University student James Wentworth-Stanley, who took his own life aged just 21.

James’ Place was founded by Clare Milford Haven and Nick Wentworth-Stanley to provide free treatment to suicidal men, after their son James took his own life back in 2006. The first treatment centre opened in Liverpool back in 2018 with a second centre opening in London back in 2022. Since the opening of the first centre back in 2018 the charity has helped over 1,800 men. The newest treatment centre, on Summerhill Street, will also provide free treatment to suicidal men across the region.

Chief executive Ellen O’Donoghue said: ‘With men in a suicidal crisis it is really important that they get the right help really quickly.’ This is something that is clearly paramount to the charity who have proposed to open two more centres in Birmingham and Bristol by 2026 so that half the male population in the UK will be within around two hours of a James’ place centre.

The centre is open Monday-Friday from 9.30-5.00pm and you can seek treatment by appointment only. Men can refer themselves to the centre or be referred by someone else. The centre has no waiting list and usually sees people within two working days. CEO Ellen O’Donoghue also said: ‘We’ve really tried to create a place that makes it as easy as possible for men to open up.’  Therefore, the centre’s place emphasis on creating safe, respectful and non-clinical environments.

Suicide is the single leading cause of death for men under 50 and this is a particular issue within the North East as it has the highest rate of suicide in England. Over 75% of suicides in the UK are male suicides and only 36% of referrals to talking therapies provided by the NHS are for men.

The charity aims to treat up to 2,000 men per year moving forward.

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