Manchester City in the Madness of the Metaverse

Manchester City are entering the metaverse.

Joe Millward
12th March 2022
Image: Pixabay
The year is 2023. The average price of a Manchester City season ticket is £550 quid. Thankfully, you swiped an Oculus quest 2, for the low-low price of £299.99 - a steal. You strap in, dropping onto the pitch, just as millions of digital avatars cheer in applause. 

Manchester City have unveiled plans to reconstruct the Etihad stadium - all 54,000 seats, chewing gum not included. The scheme is the beginning of an integration into the metaverse, with Sony (owners of Oculus VR)  heading up the ‘construction’. The stadium will obviously offer digital tours, and several new dimensions  in which to watch the game from home, but eventually will be used for virtual merchandising and digital fan interactions.

You didn't really think that it wasn’t about more ways to find profit did you?

In an industry with millions changing hands daily, it is no wonder football is entering the cryptosphere and metaverse. Cudos is the largest planned integration, allowing athletes to create digital Non Fungible versions of themselves to monetize in fantasy sports, video games, crypto and the metaverse. Don’t think that clubs have been slow to pick up mind, Manchester City have their own crypto coin already, and out of the surprising number of football club cryptocoins, it is second only to Paris St Germain’s in value.

If you're wondering what value or purpose Cryptocoin has in relation to the football experience, you're not alone. It is the same with the virtual Etihad. Wasn't the second hand viewing experience perfected with a big screen and pints in hand, surrounded by one's brothers in arms - not wriggling around in your VR, jostling behind sonic the hedgehog for a better view of a laggy of the game. Aside from dodgy monetization options, it offers nothing tangible - give me a shirt, pint, and a grease marked flatscreen anyday.

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