Manchester United trounced by merciless Liverpool

A match overview on Manchester United vs. Liverpool, that took place at Old Trafford.

Mitchell Hall
4th November 2021
Image: Sporting Ferret
The much-anticipated rivalry of Manchester United vs. Liverpool was settled in an emphatic fashion last weekend. Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool ran riot at Old Trafford, the final score of 0-5 summed up one of United’s darkest days in recent memory.

The result immediately cast doubt on manager Solskjaer’s capability in the role, with visiting fans chanting the now infamous “Ole’s at the wheel” from the away end. There has been speculation that Solskjaer might be kicked from the club; however, the recent 0-3 against Tottenham Hotspurs might have saved his career.

The match, against Liverpool, was a bloodbath from the start, with Manchester United’s defence demonstrating a complete lack of organisation. The first goal coming from the courtesy of, midfielder, Naby Keita just five minutes in, following a disastrous attempt to press from the home side. The goals didn’t stop flowing, with Jota netting from close range in the 13th minute to double the lead, before an unstoppable Salah bagged a brace as the half came to a close.

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It would have taken some team talk to inspire any sort of reaction from United here, but it was soon established that there would be no opportunity for resurgence. Substitute Pogba found himself dispossessed in the centre of the field, Henderson then playing an exquisite trivella pass behind the back line to provide Salah with a golden chance which he gracefully took, lifting the ball over the onrushing De Gea for his hat-trick.

Salah is the first away player to score a hat-trick at Old Trafford since Ronaldo Nazário, in 2003.

Insult was added to injury again and again as the rest of the match played out, first through a quick break down the left and a curling finish from Ronaldo, a tiny glimmer of good in a sea of bad. This was to be brutally short-lived as VAR stepped in to deny the United legend. Perhaps this event cultivated a sense of frustration that would explain Paul Pogba’s bizarre challenge on Naby Keita, first given as a yellow but soon deemed by VAR to constitute serious foul play. The decision was correct! Slow motion exposed a reckless, high and two footed challenge which saw Keita stretchered off the pitch.

If anything, United were lucky the score did not deteriorate any further, the ten man side dug themselves in and held out at 0-5 for the final thirty minutes.

The fan reaction was understandably extreme, a lack of defensive discipline in particular becoming obvious as supporters called for a new manager in Zidane or Conte, before he signed the contract at Spurs on Tuesday, in an attempt to rescue something from the season. With the undeniable quality of the quality squad currently at his disposal, Solskjaer is quickly running out of excuses and, one can only assume, chances.

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