Marshal law: are we being blamed for the spread of COVID-19?

Muslim Taseer on the friction between students and the state

Muslim Taseer
12th October 2020
Image: Pixnio
Picture a government so selfish it willingly puts people in harm’s way, for the economy. It knows very well how this pandemic works, and knows how best to limit its spread, but decides not to make those choices, because they come at the cost of economic activity.

It makes sense. The disease is most transmitted by aerosols, respiratory droplets, and surface contamination. It makes sense therefore that many people from different households in an indoors space with no masks on would be the perfect formula for spreading. Unfortunately, this situation also presents itself perfectly in bars, pubs, restaurants and some shops, which are, coincidentally, what make the economy go round.

The truth is it doesn't matter if students have been following the guidelines: they've been confusing and misleading

At this point, it becomes clear that the government must either put human lives first or profits. The government, Boris’s Tories, have chosen the economy. The truth is it doesn’t matter if students have been following the guidelines. The guidelines have been confusing and misleading since their inception. At every stage, the government hesitated. The lockdown came too late, was lifted too early, and now must be re-instituted, all because of their greed.

Obviously, a large chunk of students are not following these guidelines to the letter. However, the responsible ones are using common sense and knowledge about transmission to minimize risk. Students have been bubbling with just one other household, living with friends and meeting outdoors with masks on. It comes down to personal responsibility.

Even following the guidance to the letter has been done harm

On the other hand, even students that are technically following the government guidance at this point are doing much more harm. Up until Monday, government guidance had bars and pubs still open until 10pm, even though going out there increases risk. The weekend before Monday, everyone was going out for ‘one last hurrah’, a super-spreading event like no other.

The students having police and Covid marshals step into their houses and harass them are the ones staying home, with the one other household over that they are bubbled with anyway. People are still going to work, too!

Everyone could be more responsible, sure, but what really deserves blame here is the confusing guidelines.

Featured Image: Pixnio

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