Mass Effect 5 Character Revealed? BioWare’s Latest Teaser

Bioware teases an unfamiliar face...

Ellie Ross
28th November 2023
Image Source: X, @bioware
This year’s N7 day has sent Mass Effect fans into a frenzy trying to figure out where the story is heading next after the revelation of an iconic insignia.

N7 day, better known as November 7th, is always a fun day for fans of the Mass Effect series and this year was no different. This year we were gifted with a teaser trailer and poster which caused quite a stir amongst fans online. The trailer begins with the camera panning up to reveal a mysterious figure walking down a dimly lit corridor wearing a sleek black trench coat with red accents. As they reach the end of the corridor, the figure turns to face the camera revealing the iconic N7 insignia. Once again, they turn and begin to walk outside towards a hostile landscape while a mix of songs used in the previous games plays on in the background.

While the clip is only 35 seconds in length, it has left fans with an abundance of questions yet to be answered. Who is this person? Where are they? What are they doing? When is this set? But there is one question which stands high above the rest, is this mysterious figure Commander Shepard?

But there is one question which stands high above the rest, is this mysterious Commander Shepard?

The question of Shepard's possible return has been a prominent point of discussion amongst fans since BioWare’s 2021 trailer which featured Liara T’Soni, innocent Asari scientist turned ruthless intergalactic Shadow Broker, retrieving an N7 helmet fragment, popularly believed to be Commander Shepard’s, at some point after the final stand against the Reapers. How much time after? We are uncertain. The poster which BioWare also released on N7 day this year provides us with some interesting easter eggs; and clues as to when the game could be set and who could be included.  

While the identity of this figure is still unknown, they are likely to have a prominent role in the next instalment. They could be the main protagonist, a possible companion or maybe even an antagonist. There are so many possibilities. Unfortunately, I doubt our questions will be answered any time soon as there are no hints as to when the new game is meant to be released. Despite all our questions, one thing is clear. We are still unlikely to see the release of the next Mass Effect for a few more years.

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