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Susanne Norris gives us the low down on the best matte lipsticks to try today

27th February 2017

Let’s face it, matte lip products are the best thing to happen to make-up. Whilst I know some girls still opt for a glossy lip instead, matte lips offer a longer lasting and more vibrant look. Not to mention you can always create a glossy lip look with them by adding a touch of Vaseline to finish your look. I guess we have Kylie to thank for it. It was her matte lip kits that relaunched the craze for mattes after all. But are Kylie lipsticks and kits really worth the hype? After a long deliberation with friends (and intense drooling over the gorgeous colours in her collection) I must say we agreed on balance they’re not. Yes, the colours are beautiful and yes, they have very cool names but in term of value for money there are better products out there. They are long-lasting but so are the dupes that will cost you a fraction of the price, not to mention no custom fees. So, without further ado, here are some amazing matte lip products at a fraction of the price of Kylie’s

NYX Lip Lingerie,, £6.50

The selling point of this? The colours are pretty much identical to the pinks, nudes and browns found in the Kylie collection. I mean seriously, what more reason do you need to buy the entire collection. These matte liquid lipsticks are super long lasting and ca even be layered on top of each other to create beautiful ombre looks. Team with a NYX mechanical lip pencil (there’s a pencil to match every colour in the collection) and you’ve created your own matte lip kit for £12. Perfect.

ColourPop Ultra Matte lip, $6

Getting the only con of this collection out the way first, it has to be ordered from the US so you will have to pay a customs charge (around £17). But given postage is free, just see it as more expensive postage. But are these lipsticks worth it? Absolutely. I have never used a better matte than the one’s in this collection. The price may suggest they’re too cheap to be any good, but that is just not the case. They are the longest lasting, most vibrant colours I’ve ever used. Whilst the nudes are beautiful (Times Square is my favourite) they do all the popping colours Kylie does and more, think oranges, greens and even blues. They even offer a black for those of you who fell in love with the one in Kylie’s range.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, Debenhams, £17

If you’re having a ‘treat yo’ self’ moment this is definitely the way to go. I mean seriously, these lipsticks don’t rub off unless you want them to, I’ve seen my flatmate sleep in hers after a drunken night out and it was still intact in the morning. Not to mention Kat Von D is the queen of vampy shades, so expect purples and deep reds that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Also, being a premium beauty product, whilst it creates a matte finish this lipstick still has a hydrating quality to it, so your lips won’t be drying out any time soon. Try the shade ‘Damned’ for an eye-catching look or ‘Beloved’ for something subtler.

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