Meal deal ratings: which supermarket is superior?

The ultimate meal deal ratings: which supermarket offers the superior selection?

Zahra Hanif
14th March 2023
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For many students running low on budget and motivation to meal plan, the meal deal is not only a fun bargain, but a dietary staple. Therefore, knowing where you’re going to find the finest combination of goods, at the most rational price, is of utmost importance. Thankfully, I’m here to rank some of the most popular, big name retailers that offer us a meal deal, based solely on my orders (because I have immaculate taste) so you can spend your last pennies on some definitively adequate scran. 

Greggs: In Greggs, I opt for the Spicy Mexican pizza, which I can get with any drink for £3.35. It does fill me up, but I do feel like any other eatery would throw in a packet of crisps for the same cost. 7/10. 

Tesco: The 40p/90p price increase hurt the whole nation. Despite this, I still feel it’s up there for value. I also enjoy the range that’s available, with anything from smoothies to iced coffee for the drink option, or from Spicy Bean Wrap to Prawn Mayo Sandwich for the main (the only acceptable options). 9/10. 

Co-op: Desperate times, desperate measures is all I can say for this one. The cheese and tomato pasta isn't awful, but it doesn’t feel like a ‘deal’, per se. The sandwich selection, or lack thereof, brings a tear to my eye. 5.5/10. 

Sainsburys: Surprisingly, one of my favourites - I say surprisingly as I would’ve thought it to be one of the more expensive places, when it’s actually only £3.50 for your three items. One of the only retailers within a reasonable proximity to offer a salmon and cream cheese sandwich, which is admirable as a fish enjoyer. 9/10.

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AUTHOR: Zahra Hanif
English literature student :)

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