Meet your 2022/2023 Sabbatical and Liberation Officers

Revealing the next set of Sabbatical and Liberation Officers....

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12th March 2022
After months of planning, hours of campaigning, and three full days of voting, the results were in. It’s finally time to meet your Sabbatical Officers and Liberation Officers for the 2022/2023 academic year. 

Starting with the highest position, NUSU’s new President will be Mady Baugh. Running on a manifesto focused on inclusivity and representation, students clearly believe that she will run our Union well. Baugh won the position with a 260 vote lead on runner-up Ali Zuhad. Her experience comes from being on the committee of It Happens Here and pledges to continue promoting diversity in her new role.

Xuan Liu won the Activities Officer race. Her goals include encouraging more students to get involved and to help clubs and societies. Liu competed against five other candidates for the position, but won with 750 votes.

The Education Officer will be Mack Marshall. His policies include mitigating COVID-19 and strike disruption, while prioritising wellbeing to improve the education of Newcastle University students. His experience as a Course and School Representative may help him in his role in amplifying the student voice in the next academic year.

For the Welfare and Equality Officer position, NUSU will welcome Aleena Ikram, who won with 1115 votes (322 votes ahead of runner-up Elspeth Wilson).

The new Postgraduate Officer will be Danica Limawan. There were a total of three candidates: Limawan won with a total of 954, Jack Short who came second with a total of 589, and Peko Tsou who got a total of 436.

Meg Howe was voted as Student Media Officer. She promised to introduce climate article quotas, as well as workshops, some run by senior editors, to Student Media. In addition to editing The Courier, Howe will also oversee Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) and NUTV. Howe edged out her competition with 263 votes.

Hannah Danks secured the Athletics Union Officer position for next year. Through the Athletics Union, she aims to bring greater spectatorship and to work more closely with Give It A Go. She also aims to continue running NUSU’s sport clubs and the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) programme.

The Liberation Officers were elected during the campaign as well. NUSU’s new Disability Officer will be Lauren Gilbert, who plans to advocate for disabled students by raising awareness of disability and neurodiversity.

The winner for International Students’ Officer will be Anisha Arya. She plans to start more societies for International Students from specific countries.

NUSU’s new B.A.M.E Officer will be Sami Ahmed. She plans to provide opportunities for B.A.M.E students to approach her on issues that affect them.

The new Chair of Council, Afiya Ballard Debois hopes to rise to the demands of the role. Having never attended Student Council before, it remains to be seen if the current format will persist under her tenure.

The LGBTQ+ Officer, George Wood, pledges to continue to represent LGBTQ+ students by advocating for issues that impact them. With one year of experience in the role already, he has a unique qualification that no other candidate has.

The Chair of Scrutiny elected for next year is Fatih Cure. The role includes leading the NUSU Scrutiny and Disciplinary Committees. His manifesto included providing a good experience for students, and will be responsible for making sure everything runs well next year.

The Marginalised Genders Officer will be Iori Fraser. His manifesto includes listening to students of all marginalised genders and he brings lived experience to the table.

Lastly, Hasab Osman will be the Parents, Guardians and Carers Officer. He will be responsible for making sure all students with caring responsibilities receive the benefits given to carers and aims to listen to their feedback.

18/03/2022 Edit: Howe requested that I clarify that not all of her workshops will be run by senior editors, so the word 'some' was added. Haaris Qureshi pointed out that NUTV is not an acronym for Newcastle University Television, nor for anything else; it is just NUTV, and requested that I change this as well.

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