Melt Yourself Down: Last Evenings On Earth

Music editor Connor McDonnell reviews the latest release by Melt Yourself Down

Connor McDonnell
11th May 2016

Melt Yourself Down are a musician’s band, with each member having ties to other bands. Lead saxophonist Pete Wareham having connections to Polar Bear and Acoustic Ladyland with fellow MYD member Ruth Goller, and vocalist Kushal Gaya coming from the avant-garde outfit Zun Zun Egui. The enriched, mutual jazz understandings between the members has metamorphosed in to a powerful chemistry, which the band have called ‘Nubian-inspired party punk music.’ The translation of American jazz to Northern African traditional music of the Nubia holds strong cultural connections, of heritage and mysticism. Hearing anything from their Live at the New Empowering Church LP is being possessed by some intense adrenaline inebriation. It never sobers you up.

Last Evenings On Earth is their second studio album, with their live collection coming between their debut (2013) and this release. This time round, Melt Yourself Down have employed much more of a reliance on electronica, such as on the flood of modulation in the middle of ‘Listen Out’ or on the keys riffs throughout the album opener ‘Dot To Dot’.

The diversity within any one track off Last Evenings On Earth is outstanding

The diversity within any one track off Last Evenings On Earth is outstanding. For instance, the shortest track on the album ‘Communication’ (which is less than a minute-and-a-half-long) is separated by its crazed drumming, rapid bass strums, streaks of sax punctuation and Gaya’s shamanic vocals.

Gaya has explained that his personal musical mission is ‘communication.’ This is within the band, working as a unified, harmonic hive mind, as well as establishing a connection with the listener. Avoiding the spiritual connotation here, it is difficult to listen to anything this band produce without feeling some deep-seated affinity with the prowess of this inimitable group of musicians.


Connor McDonnell

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