Mesmerising makeup illusions

The realms of makeup are endless. Ioanna Chytiri investigates looks into makeup illusions...

Ioanna Chytiri
5th November 2018
Instagram: @mimles

Makeup is fun. Makeup makes you feel confident. Makeup can transform you. Makeup is magic. Literally! There is no denial, that with makeup we can create whatever we set our mind to, from simple beauty routines to unbelievable, unrealistic transformations. But what about makeup illusions? Makeup artists all around the world use their imagination to create the perfect optical illusions, driving their audience crazy. Such work is so amazing that it makes you question whether it is fake or photo-shopped. When really it’s just creativity. Makeup, after all, is just another form of art, it’s art for your face, and here are some people who have mastered this art.

One of the most famous makeup artist in optical illusion is Mirjana Kika Milosevic, a Serbian girl, who started posting on her social media all her crazy and surreal transformations two years ago. [pullquote]She can turn herself into whatever she wants. From creepy dolls and animated characters, to being invisible and headless.[/pullquote]

Her art work will make you think that the picture is fake, you will try to see if there is a mistake, you will try to figure out how she did it, but you will never understand completely. And that is the magic. Although, you can see her step-by-step tutorials on her YouTube channel, there is a part of you that enjoys the optical illusion as it is, just like when you watch a magic show. Even though you suspect the magician is in fact just playing a mind trick on you, you are instantly dawn in and in awe at his abilities. I think that is a huge part and beauty of such illusions, it is because you do not know how it is done that makes it so fascinating. Milosevic’s social media and platforms have many followers and each and every one of her creations will leave you speechless.

Many creative makeup artists followed Milosevic’s example and are now Insta famous because of their work, taking optical illusions to the next level. Mimi’s Choi (or Mimles on Instagram) is the creator behind all those painted hands you see everywhere. You may have seen some delicious sushi rolls on your feed. Take a look, again. It’s her hands. She has a great talent for making her makeup looks appear 3-D, as if they are popping out of her face. But the most viral and famous creations of hers are the ones with the ‘’many faces’’, or ‘’many eyes’’. She loves creating optical illusions using her face and, basically, creating many versions of her face…on her own face. She has created looks that include multiple versions of her lips, so it looks like she has 3 lips on her face and they look so realistic, even I had to do a double take to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

You can find her “many faces” inside many beauty magazines, indicating that she has already earned a great reputation as a highly talented makeup artists. She has collaborated with big names in the beauty society and she travels the world to organize beauty workshops, teaching the optical illusion technique to young makeup artists. She has also created her own palette with 12 unique shades, in collaboration with Mehron Makeup called ‘Mimi Choi Illusion Palette’.

Have you ever tried anything this crazy? Why not take inspiration from these makeup artists and attempt to step beyond the boundaries, you might surprise yourself. Makeup is art, so try to experiment and see if you too can create an illusion with makeup.

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