MILKK: Open Signals Cast

Jonathan Hastings reviews MILKK's latest EP.

24th November 2015

There’s very little out there about MILKK, the three-piece instrumental band from Sydney, so when I jumped in I was a little apprehensive. With two guitarists and a drummer I honestly thought they would be missing some cohesion, or at the very least the layering of the instruments would overlap, or class into disarray. Pleasantly, I found this not the case, I was happily surprised to find that, in fact, it is the exact opposite.

they’ve formed songs in which every lines and riff seem chatter and clatter away incessantly

MILKK draws you in with its punchy guitar, and the perfectly timed drum beats. They’ve somehow managed to marry the perfect song length, which isn’t too long that our attention isn’t diminished, and is varied enough to be treated as its own piece. Not only this, but they’ve formed songs in which every lines and riff seem to chatter and clatter away incessantly like some beautifully designed musical number. Open Signals Cast contains five songs ranging from the quick paces of ‘Dadadada’, to the slow emotive five minute long track ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’. All of which purposeful lead the listener to recognize the growing cosmetic nature of lyrics, especially in todays pop’s orientated, not necessarily subtle, bawdy and salacious lyrics, and will hopefully let you seek out the charming side of musical fluency.

It’s easy to disregard this band for their alternative means of songs, but with their elegant differentiation and the subtle hooks: it’s no wonder MILKK is holding, and receiving, more recognition. Much like American Football and Foxing, MILKK has managed to find a sweet spot where they can focus on the musical production and their place as a band rather than its lyrical components. And why wouldn’t you, especially when your music is this refined.

Jonathan Hastings


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