Mog on the Tyne to return

Louise Cusine reports on the new announcements regarding Mog on the Tyne.

Louise Cusine
22nd June 2020
The owners of well-treasured city centre cat café, Mog on the Tyne, have announced that it will reopen after lockdown.

In a Facebook post published this afternoon, the owners said: "It’s all thanks to you lovely lot that we can say this, you’ve all made such a huge impact on our hearts and we honestly can’t thank you enough’’.

The owners announced a permanent closure of the establishment at the beginning of June but this left regular visitors filled with immense sadness at the possibility of its imminent closure and feeling they had to do something to help. In response to this, two online fundraisers were set up to save the café.

One of the organisers was Languages student Neve Francis, who alongside the other fundraiser raised £13,825 for Mog. Francis set her fundraiser target at £250, not expecting people to respond as quickly and generously as they did. She said: "We smashed through that target in just a few hours and before I knew it a few weeks later we had raised that much and Mog’s able to stay open!”

Other Newcastle University students, including Sophie Hicks who visited Mog every week, are delighted with Mog’s reopening. Sophie couldn’t contain her excitement when she said: "I’m so happy Mog will be back, I literally cried tears of joy and I’m glad the donations helped save a local independent business."

The security of Mog on the Tyne was all down to the kind donations of so many people during such an unprecedented time. Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the economy, especially on independent businesses.

The cat café currently does not have a set date for reopening because Boris Johnson is yet to give them the green light. Preparations are underway after lockdown, with slight adjustments being made as to how the café will operate.
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