Monster Hunter World introduces new Elder Dragon and Siege Quests

Richard Liddle brings us up to speed on the latest content for Capcom's smash hit

Richard Liddle
30th April 2018
Image: Monster Hunter Official Website

The latest update for Monster Hunter World is now live, and along with a few quality of life tweaks, a brand new Elder Dragon has been added. Kulve Taroth is a huge, golden beast covered in treasure, hunted in a brand new type of quest known as Seiges.

Seiges are unique in that all 16 players in your gathering hub are involved at the same time. You’re still limited to groups of four hunters - so sadly no huge 16 man hunts for the time being - but up to four groups can join up to the same Seige quest and contribute to its overall progress. This means the damage inflicted by one group carries over to others as well - which is important, as Kulve Taroth has a huge amount of health and takes multiple attempts to actually kill.


You’re still limited to groups of four hunters but up to four groups can join up to the same Seige quest and contribute to its overall progress


The rewards here also work differently to usual. While there’s still the standard monster parts to carve off and forge the new Kulve Taroth armour sets with, the quest also introduces semi-randomised Relic Weapons. These are rewarded on the basis of the whole hunting party’s contribution to the quest, with more awarded the more damage is collectively done. Similarly to MH4U’s Relics, these can come with a variety of elements and stats, although thankfully their quality has been reduced to a few tiers as opposed to the overwhelming number of possibilities in 4U, reducing the need to grind to get the most effective ones.

The effort Capcom has put in to develop this new quest type implies that new Seige monsters could be introduced in future. For now, however, Kulve is available to hunt for two weeks and will then rotate like other event quests, giving hunters plenty of opportunities to get their hands on some gold dragon bling.

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