Mortal Kombat's film reboot

Get over here! James Troughton tells all about the talks for another attempt at adapting this fighting classic into film.

James Troughton
26th May 2019
Image Credit: IGDB

Despite the terrible critical reception and lacklustre performance of the first two Mortal Kombat movies, Warner Bros. have decided that it is time to take another crack at turning the franchise into a live-action ride. The new Mortal Kombat will reportedly debut in March, 2021.

To kick start this somewhat ambitious project, Warner Bros. have hired first-timer Simon McQuoid to direct, Aquaman’s James Wan to produce and the new Resident Evil movie’s Greg Russo to write.

According to reports, the new Mortal Kombat movie will follow a male protagonist that is drawn into the infamous tournament. Greg Russo has also confirmed that Jax and KABAL are will be making an appearance in the movie.

Their last two attempts at making Mortal Kombat movies were met with mostly negative review

Hopefully, we’ll see a fantastic line-up of actors, heroes and villains all taking part in a gory spectacle of a tournament, fully embracing the brutality of the fatalities in the game with some classic metal and techno music raging in the background.

Their last two attempts at making Mortal Kombat movies were met with mostly negative reviews and a combined total of around $200 million but, after Detective Pikachu’s fairly positive response from audiences and critics alike, could Warner Bros.’ Mortal Kombat join a slowly expanding roster of decent video-game movies?

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