Moschino x H&M Collection

Poppy Couling shows Jeremy Scott’s vision and inspiration behind the high street collaboration

Poppy Couling
30th April 2018

Throughout the last couple of years, H&M have resourcefully collaborated with many high street fashion brands including Versace, Kenzo, and Balmain, so it is no surprise that Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott was their next target. After casually dropping the creative genius an email, he described in the announcement interview that he felt honoured to be asked to work with the popular high street brand. The new line is to be released in stores on the 8th of November, but was announced this week via Instagram during Coachella, almost accumulating as much hype as Beyoncé performance… only almost!

The post on Moschino’s Instagram page featured the iconic Gigi Hadid dressed in a retro-style zipped dress, decorated with vibrant CD disks, paired with a chunky gold necklace and heavy gold- chained belt. The pop art inspired designs permeate Moschino’s previous work, so no doubt these playful colours and bold prints will feature throughout the collection. British Vogue commented soon after the image was posted, claiming intel on a silver sequinned dress that is of particular note amongst the new designs, continuing Scott’s legacy of staggeringly unique pieces.

In the past, the designer has paid heavy tribute to American brand icons and treasures alike, previously producing an entire line of clothing dedicated to Barbie, and stitching Spongebob onto leisure wear, hoping his exuberant designs will reach an ‘international audience’ as the price ranges vary from £30 to £300. This more accessible price bracket endeavors to infiltrate the high street stores with his designs to become both widespread and affordable. After gushing about Miley Cyrus during an interview once the collaboration was announced, he claimed he was thrilled to be able to dress his friend so often as he felt intensely inspired by her as a person, similarly to his admiration towards Katy Perry.

He has confirmed the line will be focused on ‘humour meets haute couture meets the street,’ adding that denim, active-leisure wear, and accessories will all feature in the line. As well as staying true to his integration with Disney characters (after admitting Mickey Mouse was his favourite icon as ‘he’s done it all, moments and moods and looks’), he released a statement expressing his hope that the line will allow kids who can’t afford Moschino alone to buy his fun pieces. People of note (like Trevor Noah) who adored Scott’s winged show design has said how popular his designs were in South Africa, opening another consumer base for Scott. His statement hugely inspired Scott, who went on to discuss that, ‘with this collection, we’ll be in South Africa’ where he hopes to create clothes that will encourage people to ‘go out and dance in the collection, have fun, meet the loves of their lives, feel on top of the world, take a million selfies, and keep them forever.’

Well Jeremy, we have very high hopes for this line- if it’s good enough for Gigi Hadid and Madonna, it’s good enough for us, and we are sure to be donning this fun line come November and showcasing it proudly both in the Robbo and the House of Smith this autumn.

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