Moss making her 'Marc': the next gen of supermodels

Fashion editor, Poppy Couling, discusses Marc Jacobs latest muse: Lila Moss...

Poppy Couling
5th November 2018
Instagram: @marcjacobs

Absolutely thrilled to learn that Lila Moss, daughter of iconic Kate, was the face of a new line of Marc Jacobs beauty products, I jumped at the chance to visit the only concession in London. Nestled amongst beauty’s biggest names in Harvey Nichols, Marc Jacob’s counter was plastered with Lila’s beautiful face, painted professionally with the new eye palette and lipsticks. Within seconds I was met with a friendly make up artist who was only too thrilled to learn I was planning a write up, and insisted on informing me a bit more about Marc’s ethos and thought behind every product.

[pullquote]She told me proudly that he checks every single item before it goes through production, and ensures everything shuts with a satisfying ‘click’ to ensure a certain level of confidence and attitude is encouraged when using his makeup. [/pullquote]This is carried through to the smallest details of the lipsticks, that are designed with a magnetic lid to ensure this sensory experience.

The thought behind every piece is to produce glamorous makeup to wear with high fashion for the everyday female, promising all colours in the eye palettes to have empowering and pigmented colours that helps flexibility within styling. These palettes are all shaped like the rear- view mirror of retro car, hoping to mimic the oblong to ensure when applying the shadows, you only see both eyes. On the back of the palette, the names of all colours are listed, but when read one after another, the names all form a sentence or short poem. For example, the names of the Scandalust palette read Hot Pants, At The Office, Cause A Fuss, That’s Why, They Call Her, Little Miss, Scandalous, and another one of his Eye- Conic Multi- Finish Eye Shadow Palette that reads Take A Memo, Next Season, We’ll See, Pleather Python, Making A Scene, Enviously, Everywhere. Lila Moss’ new range, Leopard Frost, reads Hey There, You Slay, On The Runway, Serving Up, Eleganza, Extravaganza, For Your Life, which are all taken from iconic lines from drag star queen Ru Paul. This palette in particular is made of greys, teal blues, bronzes and a warm plum shade, consisting of the iconic textures of the Marc Jacobs shadows named ‘lame,’ ‘velvet’ and ‘satin,’ but missing the last texture that normally features in all palettes known as ‘silk.’ Within every palette, Marc designs them to be all neutral shades suitable for the versatility of a day and night look once the boldest shade is removed, rendering the strongest colour as the main feature of each selection.

The lipsticks in the Leopard Frost are all beautiful nudes for all skin shades, and they can be applied smoothly. It is worth noting that these lipsticks are not matte and all consist of a cream-like texture, as Marc Jacobs believes the most beautiful runway looks are fresh and dewy.

The best way to achieve a perfect face with these new products is to first spray a clean face with the Re (cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist, before mixing the Under (cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer with the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter to achieve a bright and textured base, before painting on a penny size amount of  Shameless Youthful- Look 24H Foundation (inspired my Marc’s own tattoo that reads SHAMELESS on his chest) with a brush. Set this look with he Coconut Setting once more, a beautiful product that contains five different concentrates of natural coconut, that Marc believes alongside a litre of water a day, provides the most radiant complexion. Although this seems like a layered and laboured base, Marc truly styles his models with a little of a lot in order to achieve the cleanest and most natural look, accompanied with a brush of O!Mega Glaze All-Over Foil Luminizer on both cheek bones.

Leopard Frost is a beautiful collection, and something Marc spent much time designing in homage to his close friend Kate Moss, whom he met when they were both just sixteen. To get to know any of these products better, follow @gilbert_soliz who works closely with Marc to put together products and styles, with close friends featuring on his feed, such as Lady Gaga, who is massively inspired by him. The collection is only available until the 27th of December, so go grab your palette and lipstick now! And if you aren’t swayed by any of these products, splash out on the Remedy Concealer Pen to brighten up those post- Halloween party eyes, as with its ice- cold metal application tip and high dosage of caffeine within the product, it really is a life- saver!

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