Mrs Brown's Boys

Mrs Brown's Boys airs on BBC One, Christmas Day, 10pm

14th December 2015

Everyone’s favourite Irish mammy returns for more festive mayhem this Christmas. Mrs Brownis back on Christmas night for its first new episode since last year’s specials. For two years running the hit Irish comedy has won the Christmas Day TV battle, and could well make it three in a row this time round.

Previous specials have seen Agnes Brown organise her own nativity play, notably including a homemade baby cannon, as well as hilarious battles with the in-laws and a pet parrot.

Yet all Mrs Brown wants for Christmas this time round is a nice, quiet celebration at home. Of course, things never quite work out for Agnes, and chaos is never far away. Anyone dreading the family reunion come the 25th need only look to the Brown household for a more dysfunctional family life.

With the whole gang back together again, it’s bound to be anything but quiet. Between the carol singers following her every move and Buster’s latest scheme, Mrs Brown’s peaceful plans quickly go out the window.

One of the highlights of previous specials has been Mrs Brown’s unique range of Christmas tree. Her annual fights have included straddling a revolving tree and being electrocuted by a tree singing incessantly.  This year’s new ‘extra safe’ version promises much of the same, especially with Buster the brains behind it.

But if one special isn’t enough for you, then you’re in luck, because Brendan O’Carroll will be donning the dress again for another special on New Year’s Day, where she’s left hunting for the mistletoe after a stranger appears in the local pub.

Mrs Brown's Boys airs on BBC One, Christmas Day, 10pm

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