Mum please, just one more season

Please can we have just one more season? Our writers discuss the shows that could have kept on going

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16th February 2021
Credit: IMDb, Netflix
There are a few TV shows that deserve another season, unlike the many that continue to live on, despite their lack of plot direction. Our writers discuss the shows that rightfully deserved another season. Instead of making new shows which get cancelled after their first season, why not give us more of what we actually want?

Waterloo Road

Waterloo Road was not the first school-based drama, nor will it be the last, but it definitely brought something new to the mix.

Other shows in this category focused the storylines of either the staff or the pupils; but Waterloo Road found a way to do both. It's characters varied greatly, some barely getting by on the breadline to ridiculously rich kids slumming it at the local comprehensive. Teachers and pupils, alike, dealt with some pretty big issues: eating disorders, addiction, chronic illness, bullying, assault and adultery, to name a few.

Waterloo Road was a programme for everyone

What happened to Christine Mulgrew? Credit: IMDb

Though originally airing in 2006, Waterloo Road is just as relevant now in 2021. It took difficult topics and faced them head on over 10 seasons filmed firstly in Rochdale, then in Greenock. Waterloo Road was a programme for everyone, creating characters from all over the world, from every conceivable background and with every storyline imaginable covered. I guarantee that if you were to watch it, you would find a character who you could relate to and definitely one you could root for.

So while the ending of Waterloo Road was absolutely fantastic (and perhaps came at just the right time), I was sad to be saying goodbye to characters I had invested years of my life into. I still wonder if Christine Mulgrew stayed on the wagon and if Connor and Imogen ever did have children. Did George Windsor ever settle down? Did Maggie Budgen ever love again? Did Leo ever find a way of coping with his emotions that doesn't include cyberbullying a classmate?

Come on, BBC. Just one last season.

Carly Horne

Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks! was the perfect coming-of-age comedy. Credit: IMDb, Netflix.

Fans around the world were shocked and thoroughly disappointed when Netflix cancelled the coming-of-age comedy set in 1990’s America, Everything Sucks! after just one series. The streaming giant cancelled the show in April of 2018, less than two months after its debut. Short but sweet would undoubtedly be the way I and most fans of the series would describe it. With one of the most age-appropriate cast in a series set in school that Netflix has produced to date – Everything Sucks! was a breath of fresh air following the over-dramatic, ridiculously unrealistic representations of the school experience seen in previous successful shows.

Everything Sucks! had the right balance of comedy, drama and typical school dramatics

With just the right balance of comedy, drama and typical school dramatics, Everything Sucks! was 238 minutes of pure nostalgia – even for those not around in the 90s! The realistic representation of school and the relatable nature of the storylines explored were some of the main factors that made Everything Sucks! one of my favourite Netflix original series to date. To put it simply, this show is excellent, and it is a crime against Netflix viewer-kind that we were deprived of any more of its brilliance.

Rachael McCreanor

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