My dream Christmas holiday

Two writers describe where they would like to spend their dream Christmas Day in this festive addition of My Dream Holiday

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6th December 2021
Photo by Cole Ciarlello on Unsplash
In this festive instalment of My Dream Holiday, two writers detail where they would like to spend their dream Christmas Day, ranging from Disney Land to Vienna.

Disney World or Land

I would have to say, and I believe most would agree, that the best place to spend Christmas Day would be at Disney World or Disney Land. For me, either will do!
Photo by Thomas Evraert on Unsplash

If we’re thinking on the lines of Disney Land, then I would have to say Disney Land Paris. Why? Well… I’m not one for travelling long distance in planes to begin with but also it’ll, hopefully, be SNOWING! I imagine that Disney Land California doesn’t get much snow and for me, Christmas needs snow. The snow needs to be fluffy so that it doesn’t turn to slush and the snow fall has to be light and stays in your hair – just like in the films.

I will let you in on a secret – I have already been to Disney Land Paris over New Year; however, this was when I was seven and I cannot remember it. Writing this article is like I have never been…

Going back to the imagery of snow, I also imagine Mickey and friends to be dancing, singing and laughing in the nightly Christmas parades (whilst it snows, of course). The lights, the animations, the floats just being phenomenally amazing as I stand with my family, which includes my two younger giddy brothers (aged nine and six), beaming as our favourite characters walk past us.

During the days at Disney Land Paris, I would love to get on as many rides as possible with as little queuing as possible. Luckily this is My Dream Holiday so I can dream big, which means there would be no queues at Disney Land – I know this won’t be reality but imagine queuing for less than 30 minutes. That is a dream! As well as the many rides I’d hop on, like Roger Rabbit’s Toon Town Spin and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, I would also be queuing to meet the Disney Princesses.

I have many photos of myself with the various princesses and characters, as well as the autograph book that every seven-year-old carries around the park. Even at the ripe old age of 20, I still want it to be acceptable for me to get their autographs! Big kids can get autographs and photographs with characters too! Try and stop me.

I just want to be able to feel like a child again who doesn’t have to pass her second year at university; therefore, I cannot think of any other holiday I would rather be on than Disney Land Paris at Christmas. The magic there makes you feel happy, makes you feel alive, makes you forget all the cruelty in the outside world.

Katie Siddall


A Christmas in Vienna sounds to most like something straight out of a story book. The city puts on a truly magical array of Christmas festivities, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it’s bound to get you in the Christmas spirit. Certainly, a winter destination dream for many. 

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Vienna, Austria’s capital city, is situated in the north-east of the country, nestled between the foothills of Alps and the Carpathians Mountain range, boasting spectacular panoramic views. The city on Christmas eve and Christmas day is open for business, unlike most European cities which shut down, meaning you can spend Christmas day browsing the shops and dining out, making the most of your Christmas day abroad.

There are Christmas markets around every corner in Vienna, however their most impressive has to be The Viennese Dream Christmas Markets situated in front of the city hall. The baroque backdrop boasts as an impressive site for markets stalls overflowing with gifts, food, handmade Christmas baubles and decorations bringing plenty of seasonal joy. Similarly, Christmas Village Belvedere Palace is host to over 40 festively decorated stalls offering endless hand-crafted goods and festive culinary delights all which can be admired in front of the Viennese palace.

The advent concerts which take place at the city’s landmark, St. Stephan’s cathedral on Christmas eve, are show-stopping. The breath-taking architecture paired with classics performed by choirs, musicians, and festive carols is a unique experience!

There are endless options of festive things to do during the lead up to Christmas day. For example, walk through the Rathauspark, a small park just off from the city centre. Illuminated by trees wrapped in lights, you follow a trail of hidden displays which often depict nativity scenes and some of the city’s biggest landmarks too. Another display, infamous in the Christmas season in Vienna, is the giant glittering chandeliers. This display can be found on most of the pedestrianised areas around Vienna.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a hot drink alongside some ice-skating. Austria has its own take on mulled wine called Weinachtspunsch which comes in a variety of flavours but is bound to keep the winter chill at bay. From December to February Vienna transforms its city hall square into a huge ice-skating rink one of the biggest open-air rinks in the world a must do in the Christmas holiday.

Jude Parkinson

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