My Dream Vacation: Bali

Katie hopes that she can visit the idyllic location that she daydreams about (Bali) soon

Katie Sims
23rd February 2021

With the weather being as cold as it is right now, I’ve been daydreaming a lot about being on a tropical beach somewhere, sipping a cocktail with very little to think about. One place seems to continuously crop up in my mind during these mental escapades: Bali. There is something about this Indonesian island which just feels irresistible to me, from its leafy green canopies that cover the skyline, to the crystal-blue waters lapping its shores. The natural scenery of Bali is in my opinion, unmatched by anywhere else, and as of now has managed to remain largely unharmed by tourism. I’m desperate to visit this beautiful corner of the world before it is altered in any way.

When I think of Bali, my mind jumps to the quaint beachside cafés I’ve seen on Instagram, complete with matcha lattés, açai bowls, and various exotic fruits laid out on bamboo platters. Is it just me that feels like they’d be living their best life in Bali? I picture myself eating all the natural wholefoods, walking around luscious waterfalls and oozing rivers, before stopping off for a relaxing facial at a little shack nestled in the forest. One day I will go to this stunning island, but for now, I’ll have to make do with my dreamy visualisations, which are currently serving as small glimmers of hope for warmer, happier days.

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