My Dream Vacation: Noboribetsu

Lenka Minarovicova describes her dream holiday to this lovely Japanese Paradise

Lenka Minarovicova
16th November 2020
After being stuck at home for months, most of us are dreaming of a vacation. Some people can’t get enough of lying on the beach, others prefer getting active in the wintertime. I, however, hope that one day I’ll go to Noboribetsu in autumn.

Noboribetsu, a Japanese city located in Hokkaido, is mostly popular for the “onsen” or hot springs. There are many ryokans, traditional Japanese inns with tatami mats, and just the idea of booking a room with a private bath in one of them is too tempting. Moreover, they’re often surrounded by beautiful landscape, which could be especially charming in October when it’s the season on leaf viewing called “momijigari”.


When talking about Japan, we cannot ignore their amazing cuisine. Each region is popular for a different dish and the one in Noboribetsu seems to be Enma Yakisoba, a type of fried noodles that are extremely spicy. Even though I’d give it a try, I’d rather opt for a milder ramen, which is quite popular as well.


Although it would be amazing to explore the whole region in depth as well as try out other traditional Japanese activities, such as tea ceremony, calligraphy or wearing a kimono, for now, I can only dream.

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