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Rachael McCreanor discusses her favourite YouTube web which may involve dead writers, a *ahem* civil dinner party and just a dash of murder.

Rachael McCreanor
22nd March 2021
Credit: Shipwrecked. on YouTube.
Premiering in August of 2016, Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party (or to give it its full title – Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Invite Only Casual Dinner Party/ Gala for Friends Potluck), is an eleven-part YouTube mini-series hailing from Shipwrecked Comedy.

Created and written by sibling duo Sinead and Sean Persaud, the series chronicles the hilarious, wild and often ridiculous events that take place when some of the world’s most well-known literary figures gather for one night of mystery, comedy and – of course – murder. As can be expected the evening does not go entirely to plan, as Tom DeTrinis’ Oscar Wilde puts it – ‘gathering the most brilliant minds in literature… something was bound to happen!’.

The perfect combination of comedy, mystery and characterisation

With a cast of authors including Charlotte Bronte, H. G. Wells and Mary Shelley, along with the subjects of two of Poe’s most famous poems, the beautiful Annabel Lee and the lost (and very much deceased) Lenore, having an appreciation for literature may make the viewing experience more fun, however, it is definitely not necessary. Even if you are not much of a literature lover, I could not recommend this hidden gem more. It is the perfect combination of comedy, mystery and brilliant characterisation.

The cast of authors is so vast, there's someone for everyone. Credit: IMDb, Shipwrecked Comedy.

It is just the sort of light-hearted, over the top comedy to get you through the last few weeks of freedom before exam season, I would recommend it to anyone. You can find the full series for free on Shipwrecked Comedy's YouTube channel, and remember, 'Don't Do Murder!'

Credit: Shipwrecked. on YouTube.
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