My five-step routine to mastering ‘maskne’

Charley Moran, a self confessed breakout novice, explains how to handle 'maskne' with her personal skincare routine

Charley Moran
5th October 2020
The new normal now includes wearing a mask when in certain public places, however, this essential new way of life has caused many of us to break out, giving us the new phenomenon, ‘maskne.’

During the summer I have been working in retail meaning I have to wear a mask all day which surprisingly hasn’t caused any inconvenience. The only issue is the mask shaped outline of spots that are now on my face! I have been lucky enough to have never really suffered from acne apart from when it is the time of the month. So, I'm going to talk through the products I have used which have worked wonders on my skin. Using them twice a day, morning and night to clear up my skin.

1. Soap and Glory 4 in 1 deep cleansing milk.
My first step is to remove my makeup for which I use this Soap and Glory product. It removes the makeup easily with warm water and is both hydrating and moisturising to the face. It really does what it says on the bottle and ‘melts away makeup.’ Using only one pump I have found my makeup just washes away. Although I was not originally a massive fan of the soft texture as it almost felt greasy when combined with the following steps it works really well.

2. Clean and Clear exfoliating face wash.
I have always heard amazing reviews of this product with my friends labelling it as essential to their skincare routines. This product uses microbeads which help remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from your pore to prevent them from becoming blocked, creating breakouts. Wearing a mask all day increases the likelihood of blocked pores thus this facewash is essential. Within the first three days of using this, my ‘maskne’ began to clear. However, I used it religiously twice a day for two weeks by massaging it into my entire face with attention to the problem area.

3. Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Moisturizer.
This is a product we have all used at some point and it never fails. It hydrates your skin and lasts for hours. The main reason this helped with my ‘maskne’ is that my skin was not used to breakouts so it became sensitive. This was able to moisturize my skin without aggravating the problem area. After drying my face with a clean towel, I would apply this all over my face.


4. Argan organic anti-redness cream.
This cream is a new find for me. I have a red-pigmented face and was trying to find a cream to neutralize this, and this did the job. It also has a benefit for the breakouts caused by ‘maskne’ as they were red and inflamed. Applying this cream on the problem areas I find that I wake up in the morning and the redness has calmed greatly.

5. Sudocrem
This is a personal favourite however does not work for everyone. But applying Sudocrem on each individual spot, I found, helped them heal much more quickly. It was also a nice relief as come evening they would often be more painful.

We all have different skin and we all know our own better than anyone. We know what works; we know what doesn’t. These five products have helped me with my ‘maskne, problem.

Featured Image: Andrea Piacquadio, on Pexels
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