My journey with spirituality

One of our writers tells us what spirituality means to them.

Ananya Padmanabhan
25th October 2022
Image credit: Pixabay
Spirituality is the utmost integral part of who I am as an individual. I was 16, suffering from anxiety, health issues, and ostracisation for being far more mature than my peers. I was also not exactly the most religious, despite being from a religious family.

Out of utter curiosity, while rummaging through self-help books for some sense of clarity, my hands landed on The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This book, though previously may have seemed nowhere close to sensible, started to make sense. I started to see how my thoughts made up my life inch by inch so far up until that point.

my thoughts made up my life inch by inch

All my turmoil, all my successes, everything- was the result of my thoughts. This made me believe in the power of the law of attraction and hence my journey into spirituality began. I started reading and consuming more and more spiritual content, listening to discourses from coaches like Abraham Hicks and Eckhart Tolle and I started to find myself getting better through the act of self-reflection and realisation.

getting better through the act of self-reflection and realisation

This is when it struck me; there isn’t one path to being spiritual. For some, it may be through prayer or meditation or art or self-reflection; or anything. Spirituality is an act to go beyond the kind of labels and constructs we build up for ourselves and through our environment. It is to find the wisdom to embrace our flaws, accept our fallbacks, and be more compassionate to others and ourselves. Spirituality to me is the essence of being an honest kind human being, or else all other forms of spiritual practices become redundant.

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