My love for the Christmas routine

Sophie Wilson explains their christmas routine and why it is so important

Sophie Wilson
23rd November 2020

When I wake up on Christmas Day, I look forward to a routine that we have carved together as a family. 

On a normal day, we wake up around 8pm and go to find our stockings. My brother and I then wait downstairs for my mum and dad, and we all share a morning coffee. After opening some presents, we then have croissants and bucks fizz- a firm favourite for the Wilson celebratory breakfast choice!! After getting all lovely and dressed up, my Grandma then comes to our house. As we get caught up in a flurry of alcohol, present opening and just general love for spending time together we also see my other grandparents and my cousins. 

As we move on to the afternoon, we have the Christmas dinner (I challenge you to a pigs in blanket eating competition) and Christmas pudding (someone please teach me how to set it alight)!

One of the cosiest elements of the day comes at almost the end: between playing board games and charades, I sit at my piano and play carols, as my whole family sing along.

We really come together at this part in the day, and the warmth and love fills the air.

But, why do I love the routine so much? 

Christmas, for me at least, is not about receiving ‘new’ gifts, like a new phone or a new make up palette.

For me, the excitement lies in the familiarity of the day. As I spend time with my family, and we share some well cooked food, it is just purely lovely to all be together.

The world is busy for many of us, and we can get caught up in the commercial side of life, where money dominates our choices. But, at Christmas it is important to take a step back from this commerciality, and to value what is really special to us: family, friends, love. And, that is why a routine is really so dear to me.

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