My NBA all-time fantasy team

Do you agree with Gauthier's all-time NBA team?

Gauthier Meley
2nd June 2020
Very hot take here without Michael Jordan being in my best team of all time, but let me explain myself...
PG: Stephen Curry,
SG: Kobe Bryant,
SF: Lebron James,
PF: Tim Duncan,
C: Shaquille O’Neal

At the point guard position there are some great names; Magic Johnson, John Stockton or even Steve Nash, but I chose Steph for one simple reason: the team needed a pure shooter and who is a better shooter than Steph Curry? No one. He's also a great play-maker, averaging between 5 and 7 assists per game every year, so the pick makes total sense.

Now the controversy: Why Kobe instead of MJ? I truly think that Bryant is better. He stole Michael Jordan's game on every aspect. He’s Michael Jordan 2.0. He played against Jordan and won multiple battles, so in my opinion, Kobe is a better player than Jordan. Even Scottie Pippen recently said that he thinks that the Black Mamba was better, after watching some footage, and I really think it's a question of time before everyone accept it.

The easiest choice was at the Small Forward position. There is no better player than Lebron James, period. Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen and Kevin Durant are great, but King James is at a GOAT status that is no match for those stars.

Power Forward and Center are loaded with great stars and talent, but the power and dominance of Shaq put him directly at the top. He was just unstoppable, and I think he's in everyone’s all-time great.

Tim Duncan, before Bill Russel or Wilt Chamberlain, can seem very weird. However, these two exceptional players played at such a different time that I doubted their impact in the 90’s or 00’s would have been the same as in the 60’s. Duncan is such an underrated player that I needed to put him in this team, to highlight his impact and all-time greatness.

Featured image sources: Wikimedia Commons

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