My Roaccutane skincare must-haves to save your dry skin!

Beth Robson shares her experience with acne treatment, Roaccutane and what products she recommends to use alongside it.

Beth Robson
28th October 2019
For over seven years I’ve tried desperately to find a ‘cure’ for my acne; trying everything from different antibiotics, hormonal contraceptives, and chemical exfoliants. In the end, nothing ended up working, and finally this March my GP referred me to a dermatologist. If you’ve been to the doctor about treating acne before, you’ve most likely heard of the slightly terrifying wonder-drug, Roaccutane.

A highly controversial medication, Roaccutane has been met with a lot of criticism among the incredible success-stories. With side-effects like super dry, cracking skin/lips, joint ache, and even bouts of depression, it’s easy to see why some would be glad to see this medication made illegal. But despite all of this, many people still choose Roaccutane as their last resort to fixing their skin; including me. After the usual months-long wait for an appointment, run-through of side-effects, blood and pregnancy tests, and signing of legal documents, I started my treatment this month!

I’m only a week into my treatment as I write this, but quite literally overnight have I seen the beginning of the side-effects I’ll be facing in the next few months; dry skin, chapped
lips, and close to fifty teeny tiny little spots lurking under my skin in preparation for the infamous ‘Purge’. The biggest change so far however has been my skincare routine; going from a salicylic acid-based, oil-free routine to a routine that’s so oil-based I could fry an egg on my face. Embracing a dewy makeup look has been equally as alien, but I can’t lie, my skin is feeling pretty good and it’s all down to the following three dry-skin-saving products:

  • CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser (236ml) (£9.50)

This cleanser really does what it says on the bottle; it leaves your skin feeling nice and moisturised without feeling too tacky. Unlike lots of cleansers, it doesn’t foam, and works more like cleansing lotion than a ‘soap’; because of this I find myself massaging the product into my face rather than rubbing, which is a great way to give

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yourself a little bit of TLC whilst also making sure you’re removing any grime that will irritate your sensitive pores.

  • CeraVe Moisturising Cream (177ml)(£9.00)

Unlike a lot of moisturisers for dry skin, this one isn’t heavy, nor does it leave an overly oily finish. Instead it works into the skin very much like a silicone makeup primer, and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and smooth to touch, evening out any dry patches and texture; overall, a great glowy base for makeup (if you choose to wear it!).

  • Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm (45ml) (£9.00)

This stuff is already a holy grail product for me! Nothing feels as horrible as painfully dry, stingy lips, and this stuff saves the day! On a particularly dry day my lips feel most importantly soothed, soft, and moisturised, but they also look like they’ve just been coated with a very expensive lip-gloss (win win!); I carry this around wherever I go, and I can’t recommend it enough!

"If you’re suffering with acne, remember this; you aren’t alone, you certainly aren’t the only person on campus with this condition (even though it feels like you are)"

Breaking the stigma associated with acne is unfortunately hard (yes, I have “tried washing my face” thank you!) even in today’s "Body Positivity" culture. If you’re suffering with acne, remember this; you aren’t alone, you certainly aren’t the only person on campus with this condition (even though it feels like you are), and no it’s not ‘vain’ or ‘self-absorbed’ to look for a ‘cure’, but it’s also absolutely OK to feel confident in your skin (treated or not!). If you choose to go the Roaccutane route also remember; the bad will be BAD but the good will feel AMAZING! Hang in there, you’ve got this!

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