Mythbusters: Hungover Bacon butty or banana?

The night before is hitting you hard and a bacon sandwich is calling your name, but the question is, does greasy food really help cure a hangover? Aine Wilcox finds out

17th October 2016

Despite justifying many a trip to McDonalds, the sad truth is no, it doesn’t. There has been very little scientific evidence to suggest greasy food helps a hangover at all. The simple fact being that the damage is already done.

The alcohol in your stomach, which you were hoping to soak up, has long since been absorbed. We crave sugary foods and the quick energy they provide, but the solution is only temporary. In fact, because alcohol is a diuretic, those pre-drinks you had went straight through you and took a lot of the water and nutrients in your blood with them. So your insides are now a mess of unbalanced sugar levels that would be better aided with a nutritious piece of fruit.

"There has been very little scientific evidence to suggest that greasy food helps a hangover at all"

It’s not all bad news, however. If you are a fan of the fry up you will be pleased to know that eggs contain the amino acid cysteine. This helps to break down the toxin acetaldehyde that comes about when your liver can no longer break down the many shots you sent its way. So my suggestion would be to have the Big Mac before the trebles or if you really can’t resist try the Mcmuffin with extra egg!

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