vans x National Geographic collab

Shamara Mohsin reviews the newest collaboration between Vans x National Geographic

Shamara Mohsin
1st June 2020
Skater superstore Vans introduced their newest collaboration today with global brand National Geographic in a limited-edition apparel piece collection.

The company, best known for all thing’s world culture, science and geography have branched out beyond their documentary films, an exploration into T.V and their origin of magazine publishing, to take on fashion by heading into partnership with American shoe manufacturers Vans.

Whilst the collaboration features t-shirts, jackets and caps, its biggest draw is their five-piece shoe collection, the staple of the Vans brand. All items are available on their website from today.

The shoes, which come in some of Vans classic styles, including; the Era shoe, Old Skool and Slip-on, are of a limited release taking inspiration from the companies ‘geography, cartography and exploration’ imagery.

The cross-over includes a collage of National Geographic’s most well-known monthly magazine covers from their 133-year catalogue, and some more subtle black backdrop shoes featuring sloths, snakes, frogs and more in a photography style synonymous with the magazine.

The shoes, which come in both half and full sizes, are available for an unspecified amount of time on their website and range from £57-£95. At this moment every item remains in stock.

Whilst limited releases can often feel like a cash grab, especially when accompanied with collaborations with companies that have scarce cross overvalue, Vans has become notorious for featuring various brand inspired art on their classic shoe designs as far back as the 80s.

The California based company has had various partnerships over the years, with an on-going relationship with National Geographic’s parent company Disney, therefore this collab likely won’t be a surprise to many.

Despite consumers personal thoughts on the news the shoe business is extremely lucrative, with the U.S estimating over one billion in value on the resale market alone. Collaborations like these, sporting the ‘limited edition’ band are considered the source of much of the interest of those with a passion for collecting shoes, reffered to as sneaker culture.

Regardless of the mass populations personal take on the shoe, and at a time when sneaker obsessed fans can’t queue around the block for the newest drops, online shopping remains especially popular for these self-confessed shoe fanatics. Therefore, it's imagined that the resale value of these trainers will set you back a hefty fee so get them while you can.

While the shoes may not be the most subtle of designs, they do appropriately represent National Geographic with art that, for the most part, is extremely fashionable, picturesque and featuring gorgeous photos staples of the brand. Therefore, while it may not grab the everyday wearer, fans of the company or Sneakerheads are likely to eat them up.

Compared to the shoes, apparel varies in price, with t-shirts in the range starting at £32, along with caps. The included backpack is £47, and the jacket is priced highest at £80.

You can search the collection for yourself on the Vans website.
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