Netflix Pick ‘n’ Mix: Monty Python

Gabriela Szczepanska watches The Flying Circus for the first time

Gabriela Szczepanska
23rd October 2018
Credit: mail online


As a person who’s only ever heard vague references to Monty Python, I was quite excited to give this series a go. I assumed it was a classic, in a sort of Friends way, where the humour may be outdated and not very PC, but you could still appreciate it as a product of its time. However, I no longer share that sentiment since I actually watched the series.

The humour feels very clown-throwing-pie-in-someone’s-face, complete with constant, exaggerated, laughter tracks. It may be because my sense of humour mainly circles around slightly dense memes and is not accustomed to that “classic” Monty Python humour. This is a series that was originally broadcast in 1969, that obviously has to be taken into consideration. But despite fully comprehending that fact, I just honestly don’t get it.

Humour has changed tremendously in the last 50 years, and the gap is just too big for the show to still be relatable. I can see someone who is a history nut enjoying Monty Python, with its vast historical references and political burns but that’s just personally not for me. I don’t mind some Austin Powers, perhaps because it was made 20 not 50 years ago, and because it’s a movie whereas Monty Python is a series with various stories within one episode. The 30 minute episode felt like a lifetime and personally, I wouldn’t recommend.

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