New Inglot Store Opens In Newcastle

Nimra Rafique tells us about Eldon Square's newest opening.

Nimra Rafique
13th November 2017
Image Credit: @inglotuk (Instagram)

It’s always great when a big beauty brand opens a store or beauty counter in your city. On my trip to Abu Dhabi this past summer I remember visiting an Inglot store and instantly fell in love with many of their products. So, when finding out that an Inglot store was opening in Newcastle’s Eldon Square I was very excited to have quick and easy access to all their great products.

Inglot was founded in 1983 by Wojciech Inglot and has since become a global success. There are Inglot stores in ‘6 continents in nearly 700 locations from London’s Oxford Street, Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Times Square in New York to Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas’, as stated on the brand's official website.

The new Inglot store opened on the 21st October in Eldon Square, opposite the Vodafone store (where Krispy Kreme used to be). The store, with its classic black and white aesthetic captured in all Inglot stores, has all their products on display for customers to try. In addition, the store has great lighting, perfect to clearly see what products look like and determine which ones are right for you, because there is nothing worse than spending lots of money on makeup products only to go home and find out they’re not what they looked like instore.

When I first visited the Inglot store here in Newcastle I spent so much time walking around and admiring everything! By the end of my time there my hand was covered in so many colours and glitter from swatching all of the products, from their creamy eyeshadows, dazzling pigments and lovely blushes. The staff at Inglot were also very helpful, they help you try on the products, so you can see exactly how it will look on your skin and provide you with good advice and tips.

Image Credit: @inglot_cosmetics (Instagram)

Image Credit: @inglot_cosmetics (Instagram)

When I visited the store I eventually opted for the Freedom System Flexi Palette, which just means I can add different products into one palette and create a custom palette perfect for me, instead of having separate palettes for eyeshadows, blushes and contour shades. It’s a much more efficient option in my opinion. There are so many Inglot products I love, so I thought I would share some of them with you. Hopefully, this will help you when visiting the store and give you a starting point to work from!

Freedom Shadows – You can’t have an Inglot palette without some of their amazing, highly pigmented single eyeshadows. There are so many colours and finishes (matte, shimmer etc.) to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice.

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow – This product is like fairy dust in a bottle. I swatched so many colours of this, until my hand was covered. As stated on the product description on the website this product is a “highly concentrated loose coloured powder that ranges from subtle to ultra-intense effects depending on application”.

Freedom System Blush – There are so many blush shades to choose from, so you’re bound to find the right one for you. The “rich formula allows smooth application” to give you a lovely flush of colour.

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