New show alert: Years and Years

Production begins

Carys Rose Thomas
14th November 2018
Credit: wikimedia commons


Production for Russell T Davies’ new show Years and Years has begun in Manchester, staring an impeccable smorgasbord of actors including Russell Tovey, Jessica Hynes, and Emma Thompson. The show will take the form of a six-part series following one family surviving the future.

The past few years have gifted British society with a basket-load of political instability and a host of technological advancements that move too fast for any average person to keep up with. The show will follow the Lyons family and how their complicated modern lives all come to a head on a single night in 2019. The show proceeds to cover the next 15 years of their lives and how they unfold following this confusing, unpredictable contemporary moment we live in.

Emma Thompson, unarguably the biggest name on the cast list, will play celeb-turned-politician Vivienne Rook. I’m sure we can all think of a certain orange who springs to mind when we think of someone in that line of work. My personal hope is that the show manages to make some interesting comments on our contemporary culture - both that which is to be celebrated and condemned - as well as making some measured, well thought out prediction for what this unpredictable moment we are living in might transform into.

Best known for his excellent run as executive producer on Doctor Who, I hope Russell T Davies manages to create something as spectacular in Years and Years. Russell T Davies described the casting as a ‘dream cast’. I hope he manages to take this perfect line-up of actors and write them something measured, realistic, and perceptive about our society and the years and years ahead of us (pardon the pun).

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