Newcastle and Northumbria University merger underway

Newcastle's two universities have decided to merge into a singular institution, with aims of completion by late 2021.

James Troughton
1st April 2020

During these turbulent times, Newcastle and Northumbria University have decided to merge into a singular institution, with aims of completion by late 2021.

The reasons why are unknown at this time, although it is speculated that the merger is taking place due to funding issues at both universities, which have been rampant over the past few years. It has also been speculated that the two universities hope that, by becoming a combined force, they can unite to beat North East rival Durham University in the league tables.

We look forward to bringing Newcastle and Northumbria University together under one umbrella, and hopefully this will be something that brings the city itself closer together.

The name will not be changing, nor will the logo, and so it seems that despite this news being spouted as a 'merger' between the two institutions, it is more like Newcastle taking over Northumbria, rather than an equal conjoining of the two. Speculations about who will be the vice-chancellor of the institution abound, but rumours favour the promotion of Geordie icon Cheryl Cole.

Students can be reassured that the merger finally means that Newcastle University will get a swimming pool, however some fear that current plans include replacing the Arches with an on-campus Greggs.

Resident Gaming Editor Alex Darbyshire said, "maybe it'll work, but there's a bitter rivalry that'll carry over, and it's essentially going to be the end of 'Northumbria University', given that it'll still be called Newcastle."

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Whether or not entry requirements will change, courses will be merged with corresponding ones or lay-offs will take place is currently unknown at this time, and a merger of this size will no doubt be a difficult task, so is 2021 a realistic goal? Editor Grace Dean said, "2021 seems somewhat ambitious unless they've had this stewing for longer than we've thought."

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