Newcastle Fashion Society Fashion Show 2018

Why not look forward to a fashion show right at your doorstep?

Zofia Zwieglinska
30th April 2018

With the rising popularity of the Newcastle Fashion Society on campus, the society has made quite a name for itself as being a promoter of future fashion writers, photographers and stylists-to-be on the northern university campuses.  It’s courses in recycling and repurposing clothes; fashion illustration and blogging have been very popular, with many roles on their team being taken up by its loyal members. With the end of the year coming up, the society has one last big event in the works- notably, the fashion show.

Entitled ‘Break the Stigma’, it hopes to dispel the myths behind fashion from Devil wears Prada and Central Saint Martins horror stories, and instead present fashion as a field for everyone to display their creativity and love for beautiful, wearable clothes. Recent fashion-related news has headlined the need for more diversity and equality in model and designer representation in Vogue and on social media on both a national and international scale. Perhaps industry starters coming out of colleges and universities like Newcastle should dictate the future of fashion, championing diversity, equality and fair production wages and local jobs.

Bringing fashion into the millennial era would be the modern students’ main concern and Annie Chavez, the society’s vice president, wants to make sure that the fashion show is diverse, ‘not exploiting resources’ and anti-elitism in its approach, making sure anyone in the society can get involved in the show’s creation. Over 200 students from the society from its 600+ strong member group will be directly contributing or getting involved, showcasing the collective effort need for such an event!

The show will also prominently feature the designs and styles of students at the university as well as local designers from the Northeast, bringing in the local community to participate and make their designs known. The show will feature five designers and sixteen models, making sure there is plenty to look forward to! The north of England can sometimes get overlooked when looking at the wide spectrum of British fashion, so an event like this will garner both spectatorship from around the country and more loyal customers for northern textile producers, designers and stylists.

If you are interested in finding out more about fashion, seeing a real fashion show from close up or simply enjoying the glamorous atmosphere, why not head over to the Boiler House from 6pm on the 5th of May (Saturday) to enjoy your very own, local fashion show. Tickets cost between £8-13 pounds, depending on the seating area. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, as The Courier fashion will be reviewing the fashion show next week. Hope to see you there!

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