Newcastle is spookier than you think

Amber Marwick explores some spooky sites around the Toon this Halloween

Amber Marwick
29th October 2018
Image unsplash: @_sebastian

It may surprise you to know that Newcastle is not just renowned for clubs and food, but also its many historical and ‘haunted’ locations. Maybe for something different this Halloween you could take a ghost tour through the City Keep; built by William the Conqueror's son, it has been dubbed ‘the most haunted place in Newcastle’, with sightings of ghostly apparitions such as ‘The Poppy Girl’, disembodied voices and even poltergeist activity.

[pullquote]it’s impossible to talk about spooky locations without mentioning the Theatre Royal[/pullquote]

While at the Keep you might as well take a wander through The Black Gate. A part of the castle, it was turned into housing at one point, and eventually a poverty-ridden slum. Many report suffering scratches and bruises by ‘unwelcoming spirits’. Popular tours around these parts are often well reviewed, with many reportedly experiencing the phenomena for themselves.

As well as the cities Norman-era sights, many ghost tours will undoubtedly take you to Cooperage Pub. Although spooky enough to look at, the real action happens on the alleyway it sits on, where Henry Hardwick was murdered by a press gang that ruthlessly gouged out his eyes. Many have seen his eyeless apparition late at night on the street. The Old George pub likewise is a good place to spot a ghost while enjoying a pint – in their ‘Charles I Room’ you can see the original chair said to have been used by the king himself in 1646. Staff claim there is often a watchful presence and a ghostly cold spot around the chair. The king stopping by for another drink, perhaps?

And lastly, it’s impossible to talk about spooky locations without mentioning the Theatre Royal. After a performance of McBeth in the 1800s, a fire broke out gutting the entire interior, leading many to speculate about the famous curse the Shakespearean play carries. Alongside this spooky speculation, many have witnessed a Grey Lady wandering the stairs and seats, said to have fallen off the gallery while reaching towards her lover on the stage that jilted her on the alter.

For ghost tours, head to Alone in the Dark Entertainment online under ‘Newcastle Ghost Walks’.

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