Newcastle nightlife is seen to be struggling in S.O.S.- Save Our Scene

Arnojya Shree takes a look at the show that examines the struggles Newcastle has endured during the pandemic

Arnojya Shree
9th December 2020
Credit: Rhythm Rug on Youtube
If you are a student, you research a lot before choosing your University. If you're an international student, it's even more so. I did my research about Newcastle and the two conclusions I came to were: firstly, it was a student city and second, it was famous for its nightlife. When I arrived here, it took me a week to realise that the internet doesn't lie.

Newcastle is built by its diverse student population in a similar way to how buildings are made from bricks. There is a feeling of belongingness, connection and mutual respect for one another. Moreover, it has a vibrant and youthful sense to it, with an abundance of pubs and clubs spread all across.

Newcastle is known for its nightlife, which has been forced to close during the pandemic. Credit: Rhythm Rug on Youtube.

S.O.S. - Save Our Scene: World Headquarters, Newcastle brings an eye-opening preview showing what has happened to Newcastle's famous clubbing scene. With pandemic throwing everything into a catastrophic fit, the effects are worse on the art, entertainment and performance industry.

The unexpected and sudden shutdown of all clubs and public arenas in Newcastle has affected not only the businesses, but also its consumers

Human beings are a social animal, therefore, a feeling of community and the importance of maintaining connections is an instinct. Places like clubs and bars help in facilitating this cordial environment to people. However, the population in the service, hospitality and entertainment industry form an intrinsical part of it as well. The unexpected and sudden shutdown of all clubs and public arenas in Newcastle has affected not only the businesses, but also its consumers. The documentary, therefore, binds together the perspective of both parties and shines a light on the importance of nightlife.

Staff are struggling during the pandemic. Credit: Rhythm Rug on Youtube.

The documentary firmly discusses how the nightclubs in Newcastle are founded with special consideration to youth and popular culture, and their growing values of diversity and equality. In our busy lives, these places act as safe spaces where connections foster in a collective spirit. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, minimal or no help has been granted to the very people who help in implementing a safe space to the society, like freelance DJ artists, bar owners and staff.

The documentary highlights the grievances and passions of various people from the nightlife industry as they help in providing an understanding behind their professional motivations and financial burdens during COVID-19. The insightful conversations raise concerns about the maintenance of nightclubs and why it is crucial, especially in a city like Newcastle.

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