Newcastle Northern Angels spread some Christmas cheer

Isobel Brodie gives an overview of the Newcastle Northern Angels, a cheerleading group at Newcastle University.

Isobel Brodie
10th December 2018
Image- Newcastle Northern Angels

As Christmas fast approaches, we, as Angels have dedicated an enormous amount time to perfecting our routines for competitions in the coming year.

As a club, we have a variety of different performances we put out at competitions; two main routines, 3 dances and several group stunt routines. The main routines are paramount to our success and include a selection of high level gymnastics, dance, acrobatics and jump sections. The notion that cheerleading is a mixture of throwing ‘pom poms’ and singing chants simply doesn’t do the sport any justice. It’s an enduring passion and requires high commitment and dedication. We are not just cheerleaders, we are athletes who compete at national levels every year in various competitions and we can confidently say that we love every minute of it!

We also pride ourselves on the social aspect of our club. Not only do we train together for a minimum of five hours a week, we also organise regular socials for everyone in the club. We have recently enjoyed our annual Christmas meal together; giving and receiving awards to congratulate everyone in the squad on their dedication and patience, which ultimately has resulted in a wellrounded, immensely talented team.

We welcome everyone with open arms, as we are keen to promote the sport around campus and in general! For those who didn’t make the competitive team, we run a weekly recreational cheer session to teach new skills and eventually put some routines together! If you would like to get involved with the Angels keep your eyes peeled as we often host ‘taster sessions’ and ‘this girl can’ sessions, and if you are interested in recreational cheer then please not hesitate to get in touch! Merry Christmas from the Angels!

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