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Here are the six Newcastle Student Radio music shows you need to be listening to...

Toby Bryant
13th November 2017

The Courier Music works with Newcastle Student Radio to bring you the very best music shows that the station has to offer...

The Country Music Show with Harry Parsons


When?: Fridays, 12-1 pm

Presenter(s): Harry Parsons

What is the show?: Country music is a genre that is colossal in the United States but is barely even mentioned here in the UK. Over the course of an hour hear me play some of the freshest songs in the genre as well as some true classics.

Who would enjoy the show?: Every single person who says they are a fan of music. If you’ve spent your time listening to new music this week I can guarantee there is a country song that you’d actually (maybe secretly) enjoy. The vast array of country artists today means there are so many different types and forms of country music that no matter who you are, there’s a country music artist somewhere that you’ll love. My job is to find that one for you.

Likely to hear: Sam Hunt - ‘House Party’, Dylan Scott - ‘My Girl’, Kelssi Ballerini - ‘XO’.

Lost In Liberty

Lost in Liberty

When?: Mondays, 7-8 pm

Presenter(s): La Do

What is the show?: A specialist evening show with mixes and words from the Lost In Liberty deejays and highly acclaimed guests.

Who would enjoy the show?: The music is picked from a wide palette so has the capability to draw in punks, goths, hippies, ghouls. All subcultures that even go a fraction deeper than the surface have something to relate to in Lost In Liberty.

Likely to hear: Expect records ranging from gritty techno to wailing dub to hidden jazz.

DeLorean Discs


When?: Tuesdays, from 6-7pm

Presenter(s): Liv Cowle

What is the show?: An hour of 80s music, often with a theme (genre etc). Hear me talk through the artists and influences on the tracks.

Who would enjoy the show?: Anyone that likes 80s music or who has knowledge of the era would enjoy. I’ve heard it’s particularly popular with parents!

Likely to hear: The Police, Genesis, Whitney Houston, Simple Minds, Queen.

The Breakdown


When?: Fridays, 6-7pm

Presenter(s): Toby Bryant and Harriet Cotton

What is the show?: Each week we talk through a different ‘mainstream’ album in detail. The idea is to show that not all pop music is awful and soul-less in discussing the artist, producers, playing interview snippets and breaking each track down so it is more than just a song you hear on the radio. So far this year we’ve ‘broken-down’ the likes of Kesha’s Rainbow, Sam Smith’s The Thrill of It All and Bleachers’ Gone Now.

Who would enjoy the show?: Absolutely everyone. If you love the music you hear on the radio everyday this is a chance to really find out about the work behind it. If you hate it, hopefully we can open your eyes to the good, honest, music that is in the charts today.

Likely to hear: Melodrama - Lorde, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Opposites - Biffy Clyro.

The Music Variety Show


When?: Saturdays, 7-8pm

Presenter(s): Joey Abels

What is the show?: It’s a real variety of music, all sorts of genres from around the world. Some songs written in this year and some written centuries ago. I take requests; any song that people mention throughout the week on social media I will listen to and pick my favourites. The basic structure is a certain type of song at different times, i.e. the second song is always a story, the third song is always upbeat and the last song always has a moral point.

Who would enjoy the show?: Best suited for someone who is open to something a bit different. Also a good listen for people who like lyrics or want to write lyrics because I play a lot of great songwriters.

Likely to hear: ‘Everlasting Shining Peace of Mind’ by The Gutter Brothers (a skiffle song by an early 90’s pub band), ‘Star of the County Down’ (a late 19th century traditional Irish folk ballad), or ‘Redbone’ by Childish Gambino (released 2016 by Troy from Community).

Jazz & Co.

Charlie G

When?: Sundays, 6-7pm

Presenter(s): Charlie Gordon

What is the show?: Jazz & Co. is all kinds of jazz music ranging from New Orleans dixieland to modern electronic jazz sampled tunes and everything inbetween. This includes genres such as bossa-nova, motown, soul, gypsy jazz and funk to name a few.

Who would enjoy the show?: The show is for those jazz lovers who want to find and enjoy new songs and styles but also for people who just want to switch off and take it easy on a Sunday evening. Tune in on a Sunday evening and enjoy a relaxing and different sound to the ones you might have been listening to the other 6 days of the week!

Likely to hear: Chet Baker, Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson and Louis Armstrong. Motown classics from the likes of Al Green and Otis and some more obscure songs from some less well known musicians.

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