Newcastle Trampolining Club jumping for joy in Geordie Cup

Newcastle Trampolining Club hosts Geordie Cup

Elizabeth Meade
18th December 2022
Image Credit: Twitter @NewcastleTramps
On 12-13 November, Newcastle University's Trampolining Club hosted the Geordie Cup at the University Sport Centre in Sports Hall 2. Sixteen clubs from the North of England competed in three events over two days.

The three events in trampolining are Individual Trampolining (TRI), Double-Mini Trampolining (DMT) and Synchronised Trampolining (TRS). In TRI, an individual performs a sequence of ten moves on the trampoline. DMT uses a smaller trampoline with a slanted side and a flat side in which the athlete jumps from the slanted side to the flat side. Instead of doing ten moves, the athlete does one move on the slanted side and one on the flat side. In TRS, two athletes jump at the same time on two regular-sized trampolines.

Several club members placed in the competition. Olivia Clarke-Neufville placed 2nd in the NEUT Uber Women's division, Chloe Drakes placed 3rd in the NEUT 5 Women's division, and Ethan Graham placed 3rd in the NEUT 6 Men's division. All of these medals were received for the TRI event. The club came in 4th overall.

As an attendee at this event who had never competed in trampolining before, it was an enticingly interesting experience. Organisers and competitors were friendly, supportive and professional about all aspects of the event. It was also good to see that safety was prioritised, given the high risk associated with the sport.

The next competition will be in Liverpool on 3-4 December, as we eagerly await to replicate our performances and more in the north west.

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AUTHOR: Elizabeth Meade
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