Newcastle Union Society TV turns 10!

Errol Kerr looks into the history of NUTV as it celebrates its tenth anniversary!

Errol Kerr
10th February 2018
Image Credit: NUTV

Founded initially as a student-led media society, Newcastle Union Society TV (NUTV) had their first broadcast on the 3rd March, 2007. Initially covering that year’s Union Society (as NUSU was then called) elections, they also spent time covering nightlife events, footage from which have been recently re-released on social media.

Over the next few years, a handful of videos were released, and under the leadership of Caroline Axelsson and Johanna Pikand, the society was reformed as The Courier Television (TCTV) on the 27th September 2010, coinciding with the refurbishment of the Students’ Union.

"Bigg Market Banter, the group’s flagship and longest-standing show – currently in its eighth season"

In 2012, TCTV hit its stride. Led by Steph Newport-Booth and Emma Oulton, episodic series were created, including Bigg Market Banter, the group’s flagship and longest-standing show – currently in its eighth season. After these successes, TCTV was moved in 2014, becoming part of the wider body of student media alongside The Courier and Newcastle Student Radio.

From its early days through to 2016, NUTV and then TCTV were led and run by a relatively small and dedicated number of students, primarily those with an academic background in media. Current Communications Manager, Haaris Qureshi, has also taken to exploring the history of NUTV, and detailed that “I’ve watched all of NUTV’s content from the last ten years and have been able to see our station’s growth, development and innovation in that time, and truly it’s something I am privileged to have been part of for more than three years. I can’t wait to see what we do in the next ten.”

In 2017, almost exactly ten years after its first broadcast, TCTV rebranded itself, taking back their original name of NUTV and working closer with the wider body of student media. James Sproston, current Editor of the Courier, stated “I’ve always been in awe of the quality of what NUTV produce on a regular basis, and having been more involved than ever this year, it’s really made me appreciate how much effort goes into making NUTV as good as it is.”

241,453 - The total number of views on the NUTV YouTube channel

Under the production management of Haaris Qureshi in 2016-17 as well as that of Ava Forbes in 2017-18, NUTV has reformatted its structure, mirroring real-world production techniques, expanding its student base. More students are now able to act as producers allowing for a more continuous, yet still individual and unique, line-up of broadcasts.

Karishma Joshi, Station Manager for NUTV 2017-18, noted that “NUTV had turned ten last year, which is truly amazing, being led by students, for students, and producing some nationally recognised content. I am thankful that I got involved in NUTV and wish good luck to NUTVians for the coming beautiful years!”

NUTV is wrapping up the end of its tenth anniversary year with a small celebration in Venue later tonight.

Check out their Facebook page here -

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