Hindu & Sikh Society to host HOLI on campus

Get excited for Newcastle University HOLI 2020...

Sohum Pandya
8th March 2020
Are you ready to be a part of Newcastle’s biggest colour and water throwing festival? On 15 March 2020 at Longbenton Sports Ground, Newcastle University’s Hindu and Sikh (HAS) Society are hosting the most colourful festival which symbolises the victory of good over evil. All cultures, races and religions are welcome and encouraged to join in this celebration of unity and equality, forgetting our differences and celebrating what makes us all equals. With lots of vibrant colours, music, live performances, photographers and authentic food, Holi 2020 is not an event to be missed!

But what is Holi and why is it celebrated using coloured powder?

Historically Holi was a religious and agricultural festival of harvest, which originated in India but is now celebrated across the globe. The festival follows the religious stymbollistory of Prahalad and Holika.

Prahalad was the son of a demon king who was unhappy with his son’s devotion to Vishnu (a Hindu deity). After several failed attempts to kill his son, the king asked his sister Holika (who was immune to fire) to carry Prahalad into flames. However due to her evil intentions, Holika instead was destroyed in flames and Prahalad was protected by his devotion to Vishnu. The story symbolises the victory of good over evil and this is celebrated through the Holi festival. The coloured powder is said to pay homage to the flames from which Prahalad was saved, and the festival falls during the spring season of growth and renewal. In Indian history, villagers also used this festival as a time to disband the caste system; coming together despite their differences and celebrating in a joint notion of unity and goodness.

You can buy your ticket now on the NUSU website or by contacting the Newcastle University HAS Society on social media. Tickets are expected to sell quickly so be sure to get yours before they're sold out! All entry tickets include a cup of coloured powder and a free t-shirt. Keep an eye out for the society’s campaign (first week of march) in collaboration with NUSU to see what else you can get involved with. The first being 2nd march where free Indian meals will be given out donated by the Sikh temple.

Let’s make this Holi 2020 the best in the North East to date!

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