Malaysian Society hosts food fest

Amanda Goh reports from the Malaysian Society's food festival

Amanda Goh
23rd February 2020
Image: Unsplash Joshua Anand
Newcastle University's Malaysian Society (MalSoc) hosted a Malaysian Food Fest outside the Student Union on Wednesday, 19 February. The event presented the culture of Malaysia, including cultural dance performances and authentic Malaysian, Chinese and Indonesian food.

The vast range of South East Asian food attracted a storm of people. From Nasi Lemak to Burtabak, the food choices were endless. The event had attracted many Singaporeans and Malaysians, reminding them of their comfort foods from home. “Nothing brings Malaysians together better than food!” Emelia Florian, President of MalSoc stated.

Image: Beth Robson

Malay heritage food is influenced by a myriad of cultures, from Chinese to Javanese. Different parts of Malaysia are known for their unique signature dishes. Being a multiracial country, Malaysia has been well positioned as a food paradise. Their food is filled strong, spicy and aromatic flavours through the combination of commonly found in Southeast Asia.

Image: Zheng Xiang Tan

In parts of Asia, like Singapore for example, we bond with friends and family over food. This event allowed us to be reminded of home and show our culture to others here in Newcastle. "I found the event to be quite an interesting snapshot of Malaysian culture, where they showcased their food and traditional dances. They even did it barefoot in the cold! I ordered some Mee Rebus for lunch and it was quite lovely, it came with a sticky, savoury gravy poured over yellow noodles, and was served with a beansprouts and slices of beef. It was very comforting to have on a cold day." Zheng Xiang Tan, a fellow Singaporean told the Courier. Mee Rebus is a dish from Indonesia which is also popular in Singapore and Malaysia. It is made out of yellow needles with a slightly sweet curry-like gravy. In the past, this dish was sold by hawkers who carried two baskets over a pole.

The event also caught the eyes of many locals. They were intrigued by the aromatic smell of the unique food. "The event was a really pleasant surprise to have on my way to the Student's Union. I couldn't manage to sample all of what was on offer, but what I did have was flavoursome and varied. By the end of my time going round the stalls, I started to think that I'd like events similar to this, perhaps for many different cultures, outside the union on most Wednesday afternoons." Gaming Editor George Boatfield commented.

Image: Amanda Goh

Events such as this brings together the locals as well as international students, and being able to bring our culture from home to Newcastle. Not only that, it brings their homes a little bit closer to them.

Image: Amanda Goh

The Malaysia Society also hosts many other events which introduces the Malaysian culture to the North East. One of which is their annual North East Malaysian Night, happening on 7th March at 6pm in Northumbria University. Tickets are only at £9! Get yours and experience a whole new world that is Malaysia's culture and heritage!

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