Newcastle’s booming food scene

The Toon's food scene is growing - find out why!

Jude Parkinson
2nd March 2022
Quayside restaurants/ Image: Instagram (@newcastlene1)
There’s no doubt about it that Newcastle’s food scene has increased in popularity and status throughout the city - with the number of licensed restaurants, bars and pubs in Newcastle having outpaced openings in London. But why and how has it increased so dramatically over the last 5 years?

With street style food becoming high in demand from the public, Newcastle has jumped on the idea with many street food establishments opening in the last few years, many being independent restaurants scattered across Newcastle.

Grainger Market has transformed into a hive for independent restaurants such as Acropolis Greek Street food and Dumpling and Bun, both local favourites within the indoor market. 

Newcastle’s food scene has boomed over recent years

Another location which has encapsulated the presence of street food is The Stack, located at the bottom of Northumberland Street. They have many smaller eateries, ranging from Hawaiian poke bowls to American style cheeseburgers.

A final location which has adopted the street food desire is Jesmond, a now student hot spot. Its location has been ideal for start-up businesses, with street food tending to be less expensive than going out for a Nando’s or Wagamama’s. It’s a student favourite with lots to offer. The demand of the public for this type of cuisine has not let off, enabling Newcastle’s food scene to boom over recent years.

Another factor which has helped with the promotion of the food industry in Newcastle is Newcastle Yearly NE1 Restaurant week. This is a week-long event which celebrates some of the best food in the North East, with reduced price menus it allows for huge consumption and trade and the chance to find a new favourite restaurant. This event has helped encourage dining out in the city more regularly and supporting often independent North East businesses too.

Hopefully this industry boom will go on, and new and innovative food establishments will continue to prevail in the North.

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